Tegel – can now also register for social benefits

Ukrainische Flüchtlingekönnensichabsofortohne Termin am Ukrainian refugees can now register without reservation at the Tegel Arrival Center in Berlin to enjoy social benefits.

At this time, refugees must be registered to receive benefits, which was previously possible without registration as a social administration spokesperson mentioned on Tuesday (April 19, 2022). You can now register at the Tegel Arrivals Center. In many cases, Ukrainian refugees are distributed to other federal states and need to be registered there. However, under certain conditions, you can also stay in Berlin.

You can also apply online

Refugees from Ukraine who have found an apartment or accommodation for at least 6 months do not need to report to Tegel. Instead, they can apply for a residence permit online. The information will then be confirmed in subsequent personal appointments.

Social benefits only after registration

According to a national decision from early April, people arriving from Ukraine can only apply for social benefits after registering in Germany. As of last Tuesday, 38,350 refugees in Berlin had already applied for social welfare through the social welfare office, the Senate announced Tuesday.

Social welfare office is set up

Social welfare offices are set up for Ukrainian people. “We have registered that the number of refugees arriving is still lower than in the previous week,” said a spokesman for the social welfare administration. For the past few days from April 14th to 18th, Berlin has accommodated 1583 people in the arrival center Tegel.

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Issued: April 20, 2022

Last updated: April 20, 2022 Tegel – can now also register for social benefits

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