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Telangana MLA’s son was sent to judicial custody in a suicide case of a businessman’s family

On Saturday, a court in the town of Kotagdem in Telangana detained TRSMLA Banama Benkateswararao’s son Banamaraga Bendralao for 14 days in a case related to the suicide of a businessman, his wife and his two daughters. Sent.

Police arrested the accused on Friday night arrested him in front of the judge, who remanded him to judicial detention. The accused was later transferred to a sub-prison in Bhadrachalam.

According to police, Raga Vendra, who had been avoiding arrest for the past five days, was finally arrested Friday night near the village of Mandala Paris in the Badradrico Tagdem district. He was taken to Paloncha, where police interrogated him.

Rohit Raj police assistant superintendent said Raghavendra was booked under various sections of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC) for murder, attempted murder, and attempted murder.

Police also arrested Raghavendra’s driver Girish and his aide Murali. They were booked with two other Srinivas and Ramakanth for helping the accused in their escape after the January 3 incident.

Police officers said during the cross-examination that Raga Vendra confessed that he had harassed a businessman.

ASP said Raghavendra had been questioned regarding 12 other proceedings booked against him in the past. These include murder attempts, suicide attempts, and assault cases.

Kothagudem reported that Raghavendra, the son who ruled the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLA, was arrested two days ago, but police denied the same.

M. Nagarama Krishna (45), wife Sri Laxmi (40) and daughter Sahitia (12) died, and another daughter who signed a suicide agreement at her home in Paloncha was injured on January 3. She died of an injury on January 5 while being treated at a local hospital.

A businessman claimed in a video recorded on his cell phone before his suicide that Raga Vendra asked him to take his wife to Hyderabad. He said Raga Vendra tried to use his political and financial power to satisfy his carnal desires.

Police also recovered Ramakrishna’s suicide note. The suicide note accused his mother, Suryavati, and his sister, K. Robamadhavi, and Ragavendra, of being responsible for the death of their family.

According to police, businessmen wrote that they took this step because they were injustice due to an incident between his sister and Raga Vendra. Ramakrishna also mentioned the mother-sister problem of sharing property to settle a debt of about 30 rupees.

The case sparked political enthusiasm with opposition parties targeting the TRS government in an attempt to protect the accused. A closure was observed on Friday in Kotagdem requiring strict action against the accused.

Friday’s TRS has suspended MLA Raghavendra from the party.

https://www.siasat.com/telangana-mlas-son-sent-to-judicial-custody-in-businessman-familys-suicide-case-2254875/ Telangana MLA’s son was sent to judicial custody in a suicide case of a businessman’s family

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