Temperatures reach + 14 ° C in Latvia this week-BalticNewsNetwork

Latvian weather is expected to be a suitable spring like this week. However, some nights get colder and ice forms in the river. Ice melts on warm days. For example, on the Daugava River, ice flows over the surface of the earth, according to the Environment, Geology and Meteorological Center.

As the temperature changes, most rivers continue to drop day and night.

There will be less clouds in the sky on Monday, March 21st. Due to the dry weather and weak winds, fog occurs in the western and central parts of Latvia in the morning and at night.

It is warm during the day and the temperature reaches + 8 ° C… + 13 ° C (+ 2 ° C… + 7 ° C).

The sky on Tuesday is almost clear. Precipitation is not expected. Fog occurs during the night and morning hours, mainly in coastal areas. Drivers are advised to be careful as poor visibility makes driving difficult.

Wind speeds are slow and temperatures drop to -1 ° C… -6 ° C at night, but daytime temperatures reach + 7 ° C… + 12 ° C.

Clouds become unstable in the middle of the week. More clouds are expected in the eastern region. Residents there are expected to rain for a short period of time. The wind slowly enters from the southwest and west. The nighttime temperature is -2 ° C… + 2 ° C, and the daytime temperature is + 3 ° C… + 10 ° C.

Meteorologists predict that anticyclone activity will gradually decline later in the week. It passes without precipitation on Thursdays and remains chilly at night. Daytime temperatures reach + 5 ° C… + 12 ° C. Nighttime temperatures are -1 ° C… + 2 ° C, while daytime temperatures are + 4 ° C… + 11 ° C. Temperatures reach + 14 ° C in Latvia this week-BalticNewsNetwork

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