Ten years later, the Văcărești Natural Park NGO will end its collaboration with Bucharest City Hall – Romanian Journal

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The Văcărești Natural Parks Association, which has contributed to the establishment of natural parks and the conservation of the area for more than a decade, has terminated its cooperation with Bucharest City Hall, calling for the resignation of the current management of the Văcărești Natural Parks Administration. , Set by the municipality. The NGO is the co-administrator of the Headquarters City Hall and the Natural Park.

NGOs have accused the municipality of not protecting the park yet, six fires have broke out in recent months, destroyed the park’s visiting infrastructure, did not communicate the park’s management plan, and investigated with public funds. But the association was able to make them available for free.

The Văcărești Natural Parks Association does not want to support the incompetent and chaotic work of the Văcărești Natural Parks Administration (a subordinate body of Bucharest City Hall) and sounds a warning: 6 months after taking over management, Bucharest Through the city hall, the established structure, there is a risk of affecting the integrity of the park and compromising the work done in the park over the last decade. “The NGO said.

The association has accused the management of the Văcărești Natural Park for being grateful to tens of thousands of visitors and destroying the park’s visiting infrastructure (according to the notifications received). “”The PNV Association has formally promised to cover the cost of repairs if required by technical expertise. The administration didn’t say anything about this. The park is not properly protected and vegetation fires continue to affect the park. Six fires have occurred in the last two months. Remember that on April 5, 15 of the 183 hectares of the park burned, not 1.5 hectares, as government management mentioned several times. “

The Park Administration has also been accused of not publicly and transparently communicating the park management plan. “”For example, the purpose of the drilling rig on the last day in the park is unknown. Their presence was reported by a park neighbor who sent the photo. The Park Administration has played a scientific role in protecting and reducing pollution and opposed planting trees on the outer boundaries of the park near the road arteries. In recent years, the PNV Association has planted and cared for trees that form forest curtains around the park. The PNV Association, which has always been excluded from the park’s management plans, was officially recognized last year as a co-administrator of future management structures, signed by the mayor. “

The Văcărești Natural Parks Association was established in 2014 with the aim of establishing and managing the Văcărești Natural Park, Romania’s first urban natural park and the largest compact green area in Bucharest. The association promotes public access to the city’s nature by implementing information and educational projects on environmental, biodiversity monitoring and conservation behaviors and arranging and maintaining the infrastructure for visiting parks. To do.

The association’s vision is for the Văcărești Natural Park to become a model for nature management in the urban environment. In 2021, starting with a model of the Văcărești natural park, the association launched a project to establish a national network of natural areas in protected cities. Ten years later, the Văcărești Natural Park NGO will end its collaboration with Bucharest City Hall – Romanian Journal

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