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Tencent-backed hit game Free Fire has been banned in India

Singapore: High-tech giant Sea, backed by Tencent in China, apologized to Indian users after the popular Free Fire game was reported in dozens of apps banned by national security concerns. .. This is the latest volley between New Delhi and Beijing, and tensions between the two have increased after the 2020 fatal clash in the conflicting Himalayan border region.

According to some local media, Free Fire, one of India’s most downloaded mobile games, was one of 54 apps that authorities banned from being of Chinese origin. The Tencent and Baidu apps were also affected, the report said. New Delhi has so far banned more than 260 Chinese apps due to national security concerns, such as the video sharing platform TikTok and the popular game PUBG, which has sparked anger from Beijing.

Garena, Singapore-based Sea’s gaming subsidiary, did not confirm that the ban had been imposed, but said in a statement that “Free Fire is currently unavailable on Google Play and the iOS app store in India, and The game is currently unavailable to some users in the country. “” We are working to address this situation and we apologize for any inconvenience. “

Sea stocks in New York fell 18.4% on Monday following reports of the ban. Indian authorities could not get immediate comments. However, the IT ministry told the Hindustan Times that the app could collect sensitive data that could be “(a) sent to a server in a hostile country” and used “for activities that are detrimental to national security.” He said there was.

The founder of the sea was born in China and became a citizen of Singapore. China’s high-tech giant Tencent holds a 18.7% stake in the company. Free Fire is an action-adventure game where players parachute down the island and search for weapons and equipment to kill other participants. – AFP

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/tencent-backed-hit-game-free-fire-banned-in-india/ Tencent-backed hit game Free Fire has been banned in India

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