Tender announced to build new Wenceslas Square tram line

Construction work is set to begin next year, and the commission will also include a general overhaul of the city’s main thoroughfare, the news website said.

The new tram line aims to connect the Vinohrady and New Town districts of the Czech capital.

According to, trams used to run right in the center of Wenceslas Square, but the plan is to move them along the existing road.

The road will split between cars and trams, architect Vladimir Vacek has said in the past. The center of the square will be a pedestrian zone 15 meters wide.

The tracks should not complicate traffic, even on the main “Magistrara” road that runs in front of and behind the National Museum.

This is because, like the nearby IP Pavlova Square, stops at red lights allow pedestrians to cross and trams to pass.

The renovation, completed in 2019, pre-laid tracks between the National Museum buildings at the top of the square.

The revival of lines up and down Wenceslas Square aims to relieve pressure on the Lazarska crossing, which can see 170 trams an hour at peak times.

Until 1980, trams traversed Wenceslas Square. Tender announced to build new Wenceslas Square tram line

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