Teresa May Minus affectionately calls her “Terry”.

The funeral of Teresa May Minus, affectionately called “Terry.” Garden Hills #2, 51, will be held in Monday, August 15, 2022 11:00 AM Located on Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries, Carmichael Road. The bishop is Bishop Trent Davis, assisted by Monsignor Simeon Roberts and other evangelical ministers. The burial will take place at the Tyler Street Catholic Cemetery.

It is she who is left to cherish and celebrate Teresa’s life and loving kindness.

parents: erskine & lurameminus

Brother: Valarie Minus, Novia (Bishop Trent) Davis, Tanya (Kevin) Strachan, Herbert Minus, Doral (Monet) Gray & Ricardo (Latoya) Gray


Josephine Davis: Royann, Marsha, Mark (Tabitha) & Theodore and their children

Vernal & Lenora Major: Bradley Major, Kevin (Sandra) Major, Nadia & Andrew Dodd, Randy & Avril Major (deceased)

Edna Evans (deceased): Indiana Seymour, Ella Cooper, Felicia Evans, Alisa & Charles Larimor, Basil Evans, Christopher Evans & Anson Evans

Felix & Miriam Gray: Tasha, Glenn, Henry, Aldrin, Desmond, D’Angelo, Dwayne, Nadia, Shakira, Sheena Gray

Roderick & Clara Gray: Dennis, Tanno, Tamika, Rodney, Samia Gray

Nicholas & Hazel Austin: Sean & Olivia Austin, Ron Austin, Larissa & Dexton Rolle, Triska & Chris Kemp, Ryan & Jem Austin & Brian Austin

Bruce & Grace Dean: Charmaine, Charlton, Kareem Dean.

Carleana Gray: Son, Javon Gray.

niece and nephew: Anaya Strachan & Donette, Danica, Danard, Rashan, Ricardo Jr.

Michelle Dean & Family, Bishop Ross & Althea Davis and family (Terez & Stan), Kayla William Neely, Hazel Darville & Family, Olive Lundy, Freda Gray-Thurston & family, Patricia Coakley, Melvern Brown, Skeebo Roberts, Meltoria Minus-Rolle , Jennie Minus, Terry Fox, Denise Dawkins, the Minus Families of Infant View Road/Minus Lane, the Fort Hill & Baldwin Ave family. Stephanie Minus – Taylor & Family, Shawnee & Marie Minus of Florida, Debbie & Cresswell Stirrup & Family. Mrs. Olive Lundy, Apostle Kevin Grant and family, Erin and Lynette Bryce’s family, Lenore, Carole, June Nixon, German Iris, Carly Armstrong and Armstrong’s family. McCans, Sims, Grays and Millers Long Island family. Jolly, Fox, Edgecombe, Adderley, Smith, Knowles & Miller, and all descendants of his Jethro Miller family.

Thanks to Fr. Simeon Roberts and St. Cecilia’s Parish, Monsignor Culmer & St. Joseph Church family, Lady Murphy & SAC Class of 1987, St. Thomas Moore School family, Ministry of Health family, Global Ministries family (Pastor Adrian Francis, Mrs. Ruby Saunders) , Jill Clear. Special thanks to Bishop Owens and Co-Pastor Susie of Princess Margaret Hospital’s Women’s Ward, Washington DC family. Doctor. Halliday, Cleare, Rivers, Nurse Felicia Evans and other medical staff.

Thanks to countless other family and friends.

Bodies rest in Ferguson Funeral Director Blessed Savior Chapel, 7th Terrace Collins Avenue Fridays 10am-5pm, Church Mondays 10am. until service time. Teresa May Minus affectionately calls her “Terry”.

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