Terrible: Young foreigner falls 6 meters off quay

A 21-year-old foreigner fell from a quay onto a rock 6 meters away. He was also known to have taken alcohol and drugs prior to the accident.

terrible accident

On the night of August 3, a 21-year-old foreigner fell 6 meters from the quay of the Chain Bridge (Lánchíd). His head was injured and firefighters could only use special stretchers to pull him out of the depths. RTL Hirad Report He had been partying with friends before the accident and may have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Paramedics and firefighters worked together to secure the man to a stretcher after he fell between the rocks. The firefighters then set out with him uphill. They received a call just after 1:00 am.

firefighters soon arrived

“A man fell from a quay in District 5 onto a rock. Firefighters from District 5, the downtown area of ​​the capital, were mobilized to rescue him. They went down to him, put him on a special stretcher and took him to street level, where an ambulance was already waiting for him.”

According to information, the accident involved a 21-year-old foreign youth who was out with 4-5 friends before the accident. According to RTL Híradó, he had taken drugs as well as alcohol before going to the Danube. There, for unknown reasons, he fell a few meters off the quay. Since the Danube is low, he did not fall into the water, but onto a rock. He was taken to hospital in serious condition.

man is recovering

“Rescue from the Central Emergency Station was called to the scene. A young man had a head injury. My companions stabilized him and took him to the hospital,” the National Ambulance said. Dora Mejes, communications officer for the service (OMSZ) said.

The man was conscious throughout the rescue and is currently recovering. Police have not opened a case.

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