Tesla executives say they will overturn Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he would overturn Twitter’s ban on former US President Donald Trump while speaking at the Financial Times car conference on Tuesday (May 10).

Musk, who calls himself an “absolutist of free speech,” recently signed a $ 44 billion deal to acquire a social media platform.

Twitter did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The suspension of Trump’s account, which had more than 88 million followers, silenced his major megaphone a few days before the end of his term, and for many years how social media companies should manage the accounts of powerful global leaders. Following the discussion of.

Mr. Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter shortly after the riots at the US Capitol on January 6. Twitter quoted “risks of further incitement to violence” in its decision.

This decision amplified his view among people on political rights, Musk said.

Mr. Trump previously told Fox News that Musk wouldn’t return to Twitter after purchasing the platform and resuming his account, and he himself, who was released on Apple’s app store in late February but was glitchy, called Truth Social. Until recently, when they said they would use the social media app, they started accepting more users.

There was no immediate comment from a Trump spokesperson.

(Reuters) Tesla executives say they will overturn Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump

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