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Tesla is not currently working on a $ 25,000 electric car: Musk

San Francisco: Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the electric car company isn’t currently working on the previously announced $ 25,000 electric car because it has “too many plates.”

During Tesla’s fourth-quarter earnings, Musk was asked by shareholders about the $ 25,000 Tesla situation, the automotive technology website Electrek reported.

“Well, we’re not currently working on a $ 25,000 car. At some point, we do, but frankly, our plates have enough and the plates have a lot. It’s too much, so there will be someday, “Musk replied.

On Tesla Battery Day 2020, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla will build a $ 25,000 electric vehicle.

He revealed that this new price range is achieved by Tesla’s new battery cell and battery manufacturing efforts, reducing battery costs by more than 50%.

The $ 25,000 Tesla electric vehicle, often referred to as the “Tesla Model 2,” is likened to a new electric hatchback that Tesla plans to produce at Gigafactory Shanghai in China and export globally.

In 2020, Tesla announced plans to set up a new R & D center in China to manufacture “Chinese-style” electric vehicles.

That summer, Tesla began submitting designs for small electric vehicles made in China, and shortly thereafter began adopting the program.

At that time, automakers also released early blueprints for this small electric hatchback. Many have come to think that Tesla’s next electric vehicle is aimed at design direction and form factor.

https://www.siasat.com/tesla-not-working-on-its-25k-electric-car-right-now-musk-2-2266350/ Tesla is not currently working on a $ 25,000 electric car: Musk

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