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Water quality inspection completed on the beach along the Croatian coast

June 28, 2022 – The latest test of water quality on the beaches of the Croatian coast was the third time this year.

Quality monitoring conducted from May 31st to June 24th once again revealed that Croatia is one of the cleanest swimming waters in Europe.

Water quality on 1011 beaches nationwide was tested and classified into four categories (excellent, good, good and bad).

Of all 1011 beaches tested, 992, or 98.12%, were declared of “excellent” quality. Twelve beaches were rated “good”, while only seven beaches were rated “sufficient”.

No beach has failed the test in the “bad” category.

Rikaseni, Zadar and Sibenikkunin counties are three counties, and tests at all measurement points have shown that the sea is of “excellent” quality for swimming. report.

Croatian beach water quality


On the Istria Peninsula, of the 217 samples, 215 were excellent, one rated good and one rated “satisfied.” In Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, of the 265 beach samples, 260 were of excellent quality and 5 beaches were of “good quality” sea.

In Spritzko Dalmatia County, 159 beaches have “excellent” sea quality, 4 beaches have been rated “good” and 4 beaches have been rated “satisfactory”.

The situation is similar in Dubrovnik Neretva County, with 117 beaches having “excellent” sea quality, two beaches having “good” quality and two beaches having “satisfactory” sea quality.

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Tests are conducted regularly during the summer. The assessment is based on the standards defined by the Regulations on Bathing Water Quality and the EU Directive on the Management of Bathing Water Quality.

Croatia has been testing the water quality of swimming since 1989 and, along with Cyprus and Malta, ranks among the top three in Europe’s water quality.

You can see the details of the test here..

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