Texas Elementary School Shooting Updates — Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz Speak at 2022 NRA Convention After Uvalde Attack

The National Rifle Association’s annual convention will be held again this weekend in Houston after an elementary school shooting in Yuvalde, Texas, killed 19 students and two teachers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz Both will speak at the event with former President Donald Trump.

This happens after Abbott confirms that: Salvador Ramos18, fired at Rob Elementary On Tuesday afternoon after abandoning his car.

Trump announced on Wednesday that he would attend the Progan tournament in the wake of the tragedy.

“America needs real solutions and true leadership at this moment, not politicians or partisanship,” Trump said in his app Truth Social.

“That’s why I maintain my long-standing commitment to speaking in Texas at the NRA Convention and giving an important speech to the United States.

“In the meantime, we are all praying for the victims, their families, and our entire country. We are all together!”

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  • Beto O’Rourke criticizes Governor Abbott

    On May 25, 2022, Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference. Rob Elementary School Shooting It 19 children and 2 teachers died..

    Among the attendees was Beto O’Rourke, who yelled at the Governor of Texas after speaking at the meeting.

    “You’re not doing anything,” Oroke told the governor, “you’re embarrassed to be off the line,” before officials answered. WFLA..

  • Who is Beto O’Rourke?

    Oruk is known as an American politician famous for serving as a member of the US House of Representatives in Texas’s 16th Parliamentary District from 2013 to 2019.

    As a member of the Democratic Party, Oruk ran for the US Senate in 2018 and for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

    He is currently opposed to Abbott to become the next governor of Texas.

  • Shooter’s friend says Ramos was bullied

    A friend claimed that 18-year-old Ramos shot people randomly with a BB gun.

    Others said he had Obsessed with the video game Call of Duty and cut his face Just for fun with a knife.

    Ramos was also bullied at school, according to Stephen Garcia’s best friend in second grade.

  • The youngest victim was 8 years old

    Salvador Ramos killed a total of 21 people.

    It was confirmed that 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in the slaughter.

    Uziyah Garcia, an eight-year-old grandson, was nominated as one of the victims of the family.

    The boy’s grandfather, Manny Renfro, described Uzziah as “the sweetest little boy I have ever known.” Associated Press..

  • “Sound of fireworks”

    A survivor of an unnamed child whose foot was shot during a school shooting told his grandmother that the shooting “sounded like fireworks.”

    She Told to KENS5 What happened in the classroom of her grandson Rob Elementary in Yuvalde on Tuesday..

    She added: “He’s scared now. He said he’s scared, but he’s fine.

    “It didn’t do any damage, preferably no nerve damage, but he’s just been released and we thank God for it.

    “I pray for all the children who were taken to this mass slaughterer.”

  • Gunman timeline revealed

    Salvador Ramos, suspected of being a shooter, shot and killed at least 19 children in a 94-minute rampage.

    The police Ramos shot his grandmother Before going to school.

    He then fled the scene and crashed his car near a school about 80 miles west of San Antonio.

    Ramos reportedly came out of a car with a rifle, and law enforcement agencies were involved with him, Sergeant Eric Estrada of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) told CNN.

    The shooting was first reported shortly after 11:30 am local time. WDIV report.

  • Xavier Lopez’s mom saw him hours before his death

    Xavier Lopez’s mom saw her son at the awards ceremony at Rob Elementary School on the morning of the shooting.

    The mother did not know that this would be the last time she saw a 10-year-old fourth grader alive.

  • Irma Garcia died protecting students

    Irma Garcia is a married mother of four Rob Elementary School 23 years in Yuvalde, Texas.

    In 2019, she was nominated by the Uvalde Independent School District as the Teacher of the Year and was selected as a finalist at the Trinity University Awards for Outstanding Education from 19 teachers in the San Antonio region.

    NBC News Garcia’s son reported that he said he had a friend working at a law enforcement agency on the scene and saw Garcia protecting his students.

    Garcia’s nephew John shared the news that she passed Facebook early on May 25th.

    He writes: “My tier didn’t do that. She sacrificed herself to protect her children in her classroom.

    “IRMAGARCIA is her name and she lost her hero. She is loved by many and I really miss her.”

  • Barack Obama’s Statement

    Former President Barack Obama tweeted a statement about the shooting at Rob Elementary School on Tuesday night.

    “Across the country, parents put their children to sleep, read stories, sing lullabies, and deep down, after dropping them to school or taking them to school. After that, I’m worried about what will happen tomorrow. Grocery stores and other public spaces. “

  • Ramos Gun Post and TikTok Warning

    A terrifying post by Salvador Ramos, a suspected Texas school shooter, includes a rifle. Creepy warning for kids Being “scary” in real life.

    Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez talked to CNN after saying that the suspect had purchased the weapons used in the shootings on his 18th birthday in the Yuvarde region, Ramos’ threatening social media. Mentioned the post.

    Ramos TikTok bio read: “Children are scared irl [in real life].. “

    The account that was viewing only one video of the mobile game was deleted after shooting.

  • Ramos told his colleague that he was saving for a gun

    Eighteen-year-old Grace Cruz worked with suspected shooter Salvador Ramos at Wendy’s fast-food restaurant and described her ex-colleague as a “rude, eerie and sloppy” man.

    Cruz told Sun in the United States exclusively that Ramos had spoken openly about how to use money from work to buy guns and ammunition, and after making enough, suddenly quit a few weeks before school shooting. ..

    “He had mental, emotional, personal, and all sorts of problems,” Cruz said of Ramos.

  • Abbott says gun law is useless

    Abbott mentions Chicago and Los Angeles, stating that their gun control does not prevent the outbreak of shootings.

  • School resource officer approaches gunman

    Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, has confirmed that the school’s resource officer has approached Salvador Ramos outside the Robb Elementary.

    Ramos was still able to enter school.

  • Beto O’Rourke bites Abbott

    It was Beto O’Rourke, a former US House of Representatives, who approached the stage.

    Oroke yelled at Texas Governor Greg Abbott during a press conference following an elementary school shooting.

    I heard someone who looked like they were standing on stage yelling, “You are the sick son of ab *** h.”

  • “Focus on these families”

    Deputy Governor Dan Patrick said the tragedy triggered the need for community support for the victims’ families.

    “As a country, we are better than this,” Patrick said.

  • “Set aside your personal agenda”

    After attendees approached the stage and were guided at a press conference, Governor Greg Abbott spoke again, and some officials called him “Abu’s sick son for making it political.”

    “We need to set aside a personal agenda,” Abbott said.

  • Abbott seeks mental health support

    Governor Abbott states that mental health services are needed in these times.

  • Facebook post revealing intent

    Governor Abbott said the shooter posted on Facebook 30 minutes before the shooting.

    He said, “I’m going to shoot my grandmother.”

    After that, he posted, “I shot my grandmother.”

    Then, within 15 minutes of entering school, his last post was “I’m going to shoot elementary school.”

  • Criminal record has not yet been identified

    Abbott said the shooter was a high school dropout and the criminal record was unknown.

    “There was no meaningful warning of this crime.”

  • Parents still looking

    Abbott says parents need to contact Victim Services at the County Fairplex.

    “We know that there are still parents who are trying to make a connection.”

  • Border guards kill shooters

    Governor Abbott confirmed that when the shooter entered the classroom, he was surrounded by police.

    Border guards shot and killed the shooters.

  • Grandmother contacted the police

    Abbott confirmed that Ramos had called the police after shooting his grandmother’s face.

  • Abbott thanks law enforcement

    “Maybe it was worse,” Abbott admitted to Rob Elementary’s first responder.

    “They were able to save lives. Unfortunately, it’s not enough.”

  • Abbott speaks for the community

    “Our job is to keep the community from falling apart,” Abbott said before calling on the Texans to gather and send “love” and “uplifting” to the Yuvarde community.

  • Abbott says “evil has attacked Yuvarde”

    “Evil struck Yuvarde yesterday,” said Governor Abbott.

    “Everyone who shoots his grandmother in the face must have evil in his heart.”

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