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Texas synagogue murdered, unrelated to the Jewish community

All hostages in the Texas Synagogue were released about 10 hours after the man demanded the release of a woman in prison for terrorism.

Police said Saturday morning they were warned of an emergency in the congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, about 40 kilometers west of Dallas. (AP)

A man who took four hostages at a Texas synagogue “died” after the prisoners were rescued unharmed.

“The hostage rescue team broke the synagogue,” Colleyville police chief Michael Miller said at a press conference on Saturday. “The suspect has died,” he said.

All hostages were released unharmed after a one-hour standoff at the Texas Synagogue where a man suspected of demanding the release of a convicted terrorist captured several prisoners, according to the governor. rice field.

Approximately 10 hours after the crisis, Greg Abbott tweeted at 9:30 pm (Greenwich Mean Time 0330) that “all hostages are alive and safe.”

According to the FBI, the man who had been held hostage for hours focused specifically on issues that were not directly related to the Jewish community.

One hostage was released during the standoffs and the other three were rescued when authorities entered the building. Authorities say the hostage taker is dead, but not how he was killed.

Just before Abbott announced, there was a report from a journalist at the scene of a big explosion and a gunshot at the synagogue.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden was also briefed on the situation of the hostages.

Police said Saturday morning that an emergency had occurred in the congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, about 25 miles (40 km) west of Dallas, and reports of a hostage situation spread rapidly. ..

Aafia Siddiki’s tough release

ABC News The hostage criminal reportedly was armed and claimed to have a bomb in an unknown location.

Citing a briefed U.S. official on this issue, ABC The man reported that he had requested the release of Aafia Siddi, called “Lady Kaida” by the US tabloids.

ABC initially claimed that the man was Siddiqui’s brother, but later revealed that her brother was in Houston. Other experts have stated that men used in Arabic are more figurative and mean Islamic “sisters.”

Aafia Siddiki’s lawyer said in a statement that he was “not involved in the hostage situation at all.” CNN.. The lawyer confirmed that the man was not Sidiki’s brother and said she blamed his actions.

Former Pakistani scientist Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years in a New York court in 2010 for attempted murder of an American officer in Afghanistan. The high-profile incident caused anger in Pakistan.

She is currently in prison at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Prison in Fort Worth, Texas.

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