Textile export target set to reach $14 billion: minister

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Industry Minister Agus Gumiwan Kartasasmita is optimistic that the Textile and Textile Products (TPT) industry will expand its export market to reach the $13 billion to $14 billion export target in 2022. said there is.

“In line with our commitment to reducing carbon and water, the textile industry continues to grow, driven primarily by rapid growth in sales from e-commerce platforms and consumer awareness of the principles of sustainability in the textile production process. We hope it will perform well.It will be consumed in the manufacturing process,” Kartasasmita said in a statement received on Saturday.

On the product side, sustainability principles are also encouraged through the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and the application of circular economy principles, he added.

“The existence of Making Indonesia 4.0 will facilitate the transformation of the textile industry, making it more competitive and innovative to meet the demands of the global market,” the minister said.

To accelerate the implementation of Industry 4.0, the textile industry has taken several major steps, including artificial intelligence, new fabrics, Internet of Things (IoT), rapid data analytics for rapid adaptation, mobile commerce, virtualization and augmentation. It is expected to use advanced technology to beat the global competition. Reality (VR), online vector editors, 3D printing, blockchain technology, and sustainable practices.

Additionally, the Ministry of Industry has launched a strategic step in the form of a 35% import substitution program in 2022 to boost the utilization of existing industries and boost investment, including new and expansion investments in Indonesia. .

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The Ministry of Industry is also implementing a program for restructuring machinery and equipment in the fabric refining and fabric printing industries, in accordance with Minister of Industry Regulation No. 18 of 2021.

“The initiative has proven to increase capacity by 21.75%, increase output by 21.22%, increase energy efficiency by 11.86%, and increase sales volume by 6.65%, both domestically and (via) exports. ” Kartasasmita revealed.

He also praised the International Integrated Textile and Textiles (TPT) Industry Exhibition or 2022 Indo Intertex & Inatex Exhibition with the theme of “Making Indonesia Textile 4.0”.

This activity was intended to be a step towards benchmarking the latest technology and accelerating technological improvements in the textile industry in order to improve the competitiveness of textile production.

“The acceleration of technology application is aimed at speeding up production and should be supported by industry-friendly investment funds from banks and other financial institutions,” the minister said.

Therefore, he said he is open to the possibility of building an integrated textile industry ecosystem in Indonesia.

“We believe that our shared commitment to empowering the textile ecosystem will improve the competitiveness of the textile industry and realize our shared goal of making Indonesia one of the top five textile players in the world,” he explained. did.

Additionally, viscose rayon fiber manufacturer Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) has confirmed its commitment to supporting sustainable textile innovation in Indonesia by participating in the 2022 Indo Intertex & Inatex.

“APR’s participation in this exhibition is a form of our commitment to develop a sustainable textile industry in Indonesia and to support the economic recovery of the textile sector, which is the focus of the government after this pandemic.”

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