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Thailand scrambles F-16 fighters as Myanmar jets “invade” airspace

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The Royal Thai Air Force said in a statement that Bangkok had deployed two fighters after “an unidentified aircraft had crossed Thailand in Tak Province” and before disappearing from the radar.

Turk officials told Agence France-Presse that “several bullets” landed across the Thai border during the battle in Myanmar on Wednesday. (Reuters)

Thailand scrambled fighters near the border with Myanmar and ordered military attachés to warn the junta, the Air Force said.

Air Force spokesperson Prapat Sonjaidi, Air Force Deputy Marshal, said two F-16 fighters were deployed when radar detected an airplane in Thai airspace near the Myanmar border.

“Aircraft from unknown sides crossed the border of the Poppra district of Tak while attacking ethnic armed groups along the border,” Purapat said in a statement.

Thai military attachés stationed in Yangon are being asked to “work with Myanmar’s relevant agencies to issue warnings and find future precautions.”

A spokesperson for the Myanmar junta was not immediately asked for comment.

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Military operations

The Myanmar army has stepped up its operations against ethnic minority forces since last year’s coup, facing resistance in many ways, including a newly formed militia group allied with a government exiled from old enemies. ..

Activists and aid groups have condemned the use of artillery and airstrike juntas in private areas. UN humanitarian agencies estimate that conflict has displaced about 760,000 people across Myanmar since the coup this week.

Thai witnesses told Reuters that fighters were seen in two villages about 5 km (3.11 miles) from the border, causing panic among residents and one school sending students to a bomb shelter. rice field.

The Royal Thai Air Force said one of Yangon’s garrison was instructed to warn Myanmar’s relevant agencies and request that future infringement be prevented.

Thai officials said nearly 300 people have fled the intensification of military operations in Myanmar’s Kayin State in the past few days.

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