Thailand will be the first Asian country to legalize marijuana, but still cannot smoke in public

The Thai government had previously announced plans to distribute one million free cannabis plants to domestic households in June. According to Health Minister Anutin Charnviracle, this was to set a new rule that would allow people to grow cannabis at home. In line with this, the country is now the first non-criminalized country in Asia to criminalize marijuana.

It’s important to note that marijuana is legal to be used only for medical purposes. The country has not yet allowed commercial use of marijuana without a license. The Thai Minister of Health has informed that those who use plants to get higher will be subject to severe penalties.

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According to Anutin, marijuana denialization was done to boost the economy.

“We still have restrictions under the law that regulates the consumption, smoking, or use of cannabis products in unproductive ways,” he added.

From June 9th, it is not a crime to grow and trade marijuana or hemp products, or to use some of the plants for treatment.

In the food and beverage industry, cafes and restaurants can also offer cannabis-injected products if the product contains less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major psychoactive compound in plants.

Regarding penalties for violators against CNN, the Minister of Health mentioned severe penalties, up to three months’ imprisonment, and a $ 800 fine for smoking in public.

“I never thought about using cannabis from a recreational point of view, or encouraging people to use cannabis in a way that irritates others,” the health minister said.

In particular, the minister warned tourists to seriously consider the rules, as they cannot come to Thailand just to suck their joints freely. “Thailand promotes cannabis policy for medical purposes. If tourists come for medical or health products, it doesn’t matter, but they come to Thailand just because cannabis or marijuana is legal. If you think you can, it’s wrong to suck the joints freely in Thailand. ”

The minister hopes that this decision will mean a great boost to the agricultural sector. “We expect the value of the industry to easily exceed $ 2 billion.”

Anutin is confident that cannabis products grown in Thailand are growing in the global market. Thailand will be the first Asian country to legalize marijuana, but still cannot smoke in public

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