Thalys apologizes for recent service mishaps, including collisions with animals and fires

After an unprecedented series of incidents affecting Thalys trains in recent weeks, chief executive Jack Damas apologized to customers in an email, local media reported.

“This is certainly not the level of service we wish to offer our customers,” he wrote.

Travelers on Thalys trains have faced a number of problems over the past few weeks, sometimes resulting in significant delays and inconveniences.

These include excessive heat, fires near railroad tracks, and collisions with animals.

“The causes are beyond our control, but we need to make sure these incidents have as little impact on you as the traveler.”

Thayls first tried to cut capacity after two trains broke down in just one week of July’s heat wave. Shortly thereafter, however, a traveler returning from France was trapped on the tracks overnight near Tournai because the train had crashed into an animal.

Some travelers were offered the option to use their vouchers on foot to the hotel, but travelers who got off the train found the hotel already fully booked. Passengers who chose to remain on board spent the night without air conditioning or electricity.

After these disruptions, Thalys shortened its timetables and created an “extensive maintenance plan” for its trains, with “more generous compensation” being offered to the most severely affected passengers, the company said. increase.

“We are taking fundamental steps to improve our crisis management process,” said the company’s chief executive officer.

Thalys has operations in Belgium, Holland, France and Germany. The company was recently acquired, along with British company Eurostar, by Belgium-based Eurostar Group, whose shareholders include Belgian railway company SNCB (18.5% stake).

Over time, the Talys brand name will be phased out. Thalys apologizes for recent service mishaps, including collisions with animals and fires

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