Thank you, dad.A Russian general visits the front line and secures a medal to his son who commanded the attack on Smy and Chernihiv.

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In late March, Brigadier General Alexandre Lapin, commander of the Central Military District of Russia, awarded a medal of bravery and courage to his son Dennis, commander of the 1st Guard Tank Regiment, during the war in Ukraine. BBC Russian journalists hold a ceremony Survey report Released on May 4th.

On March 29, the Ministry of Defense television network Zvezda announced Report How General Lapin met with troops in the Central Military District of Russia “at the forefront” near Chernihiv and presented medals to military personnel who showed courage and heroes during liberation. [sic] Of the settlements in the Chernihiv region. “

“Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! For your indomitable spirit, courage, and courage! Thank you. Congratulations!” Alexander Lapin said in the Zubezda segment. “I serve Russia,” replied the 36-year-old lieutenant colonel.

An army family who later served with Dennis Lapin in the 1st Guard Tank Regiment (Military Unit No. 58198) said a television-broadcast ceremony showed that his father had given his son a medal, a BBC Russian journalist. Told to.

According to Zvezda’s report, the medals awarded by Colonel Lapin were the Order of Courage of Russia, the Order of Courage, the Order of Contribution to the Homeland, and the Medal of Zhukov. It is unknown which of these honors Dennis Lapin received, but the object fixed to his chest resembles a Zhukov medal. However, in a correspondence allegedly intercepted by the Ukrainian National Security Agency, Russian soldiers talked about the “general” taking a special trip and awarding a medal of courage to his “my son.”

Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Lapin led the Russian attack on the Ukrainian cities Sumy and Chernihiv. On the same day that Zvezda aired footage of Lapin’s medal ceremony, Moscow announced that it would “significantly reduce” military activities aimed at Kieu and Chernihiv. Russia later withdrew its troops from these two areas.

Russia began casualties around Kyiv and Chernihiv on the first day of the invasion, which began in late February 2022, according to telephone communications intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence. Ukrainian authorities have also released a video showing soldiers captured from the 1st Guard Tank Regiment. The telegram channel Look for Your Own, an initiative by the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior to share footage of Russian prisoners of war, has released 19 cross-examination videos featuring soldiers from this regiment. According to the BBC, at least three military personnel in the regiment have been missing since the invasion began.

Lieutenant Colonel Lapin did not respond to the BBC Russia’s message. The press also worked to determine if it was customary for the father to award medals to his son, if the report that Lapin was promoted to colonel was accurate, and if Moscow would bring the captured soldiers home. Waiting to hear from the Russian Defense Ministry if it is the 1st Guard Tank Regiment. Thank you, dad.A Russian general visits the front line and secures a medal to his son who commanded the attack on Smy and Chernihiv.

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