That’s horrible!Suspected serial killer arrested after brutally murdered sex worker found in Rome

Mumbai, November 20: In a shocking incident in Italy, the bodies of three sex workers were found in two apartments in Rome. After the case came to light, police launched a search to catch the serial killer. Discovered.

According to a report in wion news, the two sex workers are of Chinese nationality and are between 40 and 50 years old. One was found on the doorstep of an apartment building and the other inside the house, according to local authorities. Authorities also said a third body had been found. That’s horrible! A man brutally stabbed his girlfriend to death for refusing to have sex with him in Alabama, and the victim’s decapitated body was found.

A third corpse was identified as Marta Castano Torres, who is also said to be a sex worker. Police officials said Torres’ body was found by his sister. All three sex workers were reportedly brutally killed. According to a report of Guardianmultiple stab wounds were found in the woman’s throat, chest and back.

Police believe all three women were killed by the same person. According to multiple reports, the brutal murder took place in an upscale residential area of ​​the city just a few hundred meters away from Italy’s Supreme Court. Police arrested a suspect and identified him as Giandavide De Pau, 51.

Police say Pau has been charged with drug trafficking and sexual assault in the past. Reports suggest the suspect is part of a mafia group led by Michele Senese. After the brutal killing of a prostitute came to light, there are growing calls to regulate prostitution in Italy. Vladimir Putin’s private army raped several women and girls in Mali and made nude videos of survivors: report.

Ermina Gubid, a member of the Civil Rights Commission for Prostitutes, said, “These murders are horrifying. Indeed, they control and exploit sex workers in apartments and force them to work long hours from apartment to apartment.” There is a criminal network,” he said.

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