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The Afghan embassy, ​​suffering from financial hardship, is in trouble

Many refuse to recognize their country, but lament the lack of funding from the new Kabul authorities.

After months of holding the keys to the embassy in Beijing, Afghanistan’s ambassador to China, Javid Ahmad Chem, finally packed his suitcase and closed the embassy.

Qaem went to twitterCiting the level of funding reduction experienced by the mission as the reason for the embassy’s closure.

“Because I haven’t received a salary from Kabul for the past six months, I have appointed a committee from among diplomats to resolve financial problems,” he said in a letter issued in English.

Since the collapse of the US-backed Afghan government, led by former President Ashraf Ghani, in August, the country is now dominated by the Taliban, which has been renamed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA).

The international recognition of the IEA has been delayed and Embassy of countries around the world..

Kaem’s resignation in China also depicts a dark picture of the state of the embassy and its workforce.

One of the interesting notes in the letter left by Kaem states that the embassy key was handed over to the Qatar embassy in Beijing. This could be the predecessor of the key passed to the current authorities in Kabul.

Qatar has a very close relationship with the IEA after hosting the Taliban office in Doha, where peace talks with US counterparts took place, leading to the withdrawal of US troops.

There are rumors that regional countries are working hard towards some form of approval with the IEA authorities in Kabul to stabilize the economic and security situation in the field.

One Afghan diplomat TRT World Those who wished to remain anonymous did not seem to be aware of the closure of the Chinese embassy.

“After the fall of Kabul, all delegations acted independently and lost official contact with other delegations, so at this point, what is the reason why the Chinese embassy reached this conclusion? I don’t know, “said the diplomat.

when TRT World When asked if countries in the region such as Iran, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan could move to the IEA’s modest approval, authorities immediately said. Report..

“These missions you talked about are still active, some of them are currently managed by the first secretary of that mission, and nothing will change until the new government is officially approved.” Said. However, the situation on the ground is not clear.

It is a matter of legitimacy that makes things worse for many of the missions around the old government, and who are these missions now representing?

“Yes, we are still on behalf of the old government until the Taliban-led government is officially approved,” said a diplomat. TRT World..

Still, no current foreign minister is in exile from the previous administration. Moreover, none of these embassies are in exile to answer.

Another strange thing about the current situation is waiting for the Afghan embassy, ​​which is now a paper response to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Amir Khan Muttaki, to approve the new state before it is approved by the international community. That is.

As a sign that diplomatic approval is approaching, the IEA delegation, led by Muttaki, was welcomed in Iran by a counterpart led by Foreign Minister Hossein Amirdrahian.

Tehran quoted the country’s currently deteriorating humanitarian situation for the conference, rather than formal diplomatic recognition. However, high-level meetings between Afghan authorities and other regional countries that want to ensure national stability, while de facto, will drive the need for some form of approval.

However, for the time being, if the embassy’s financial situation deteriorates, it may eventually refuse to allow the new Kabul government to return the keys.

“Most of our delegations cannot cover their costs,” says an Afghan diplomat at one of the few embassies.

“The lack of cooperation from the host country on some issues, coupled with our lack of security and what will happen to us if the new government is officially recognized,” plagues around the world. Staff and missions added diplomats.

Source: TRT World

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