The alleged victim of the Rabat abduction sent a Facebook friend request to the accused’s ex-girlfriend.

Luke Milton’s lawyer, one of the men charged in connection with the kidnapping of a man in Rabat, protects Milton’s ex-girlfriend who claims to have been recently contacted on Facebook by a alleged victim. Filed a lawyer seeking an order.

Justice of the Peace Monica Bella heard Milton testify in a lawsuit demanding the issuance of a protection order in favor of his current ex-girlfriend.

Milton told the court that after being charged in connection with the abduction, his girlfriend received a friend request on Facebook from an Arabic profile featuring a profile picture of the alleged victim Carlos Shemburi. ..

The girl recognized the photo of Shemburi and told Milton she was worried and worried about this. Later that day, while signing his bail, Milton referred to the case to a police inspector who told him to speak to his lawyer.

Later, another proceeding was filed by Milton’s lawyer, where he demanded a protection order for the girl. Milton testified in these procedures and exhibited a USB pen drive containing a screenshot of Facebook’s friend request and another profile from which it came. The court reported that the account appeared to be active and was not fake.

Prior to Milton’s testimony, there was a fierce debate over whether the girl’s name could be published, a lawyer representing the Attorney General’s office demanded disclosure of her name, and the defense linked it to the case. I questioned sex.

The court finally upheld the request to ban the publication of the girl’s name.

The prosecution then questioned whether a friend’s request could be interpreted as constituting a threat and reserved his position on the request for a protection order. A lawyer at the Attorney General’s office voicedly opposed the request.

The ex-girlfriend then testified, explaining that she was very worried about the criminal proceedings filed against Milton, adding that Milton left her “on the edge of depression” and Milton made her difficult. The limit added that it helped to get over it.

One night, when she received this friend’s request, she said it caused her anxiety again because there was no way to tell if it was a threat, a message, or something else. rice field. She emphasized that the girl she had nothing to do with the incident and she didn’t want to live “over the shoulder” for the rest of her life.

Milton’s lawyers Stefano Filletti and Matthew Zelev argued that in this case Carlos Shemburi, a citizen of the parties, had no audience rights and therefore could not submit. According to lawyers, protection orders are often issued without a partner.

Schembri’s lawyers Edward Gatt and Shaun Zammit argued against it, arguing that Schembri was certainly standing.

In a cross-examination by Shemburi’s lawyer, witnesses confirmed that he had never approached her in real life. At some point in her testimony, she complained that the lawyer was smirking, and told the court that she suffered a lot as a result of these “lie”.

When it was time for the defense to submit, lawyer Matthew Zeleb said the threat was subjective and it was “unprecedented” that the AG would oppose such a request to a private witness unrelated to the case. Said that.

Witnesses interpreted the friend’s request as a message that Shemburi was finding her and observing her, Filletti added. He said he wasn’t seeking accusations, but rather blocking the opportunity or need.

The court decides at the request of the Chamber of Commerce.

Lawyers Karl Muscat and Francesco Rifaro represented the Attorney General’s office in the proceedings.

Lawyers Edward Gut and Sean Zamit have appeared on Schemebri as some citizens.

Lawyers Stefano Filletti and Matthew Zelev are Milton’s lawyers.

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