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The arrested “Nepalese gangster” was planning to sell drugs to his employer

Hyderabad: A “Nepalese gangster” arrested by Kukat Parry police at his employer’s house on suspicion of robbery had planned to have his family take drugs and flee with valuables, police officials investigated. He said he was. Members of the gang were arrested last Saturday.

During the cross-examination, police officer Kukatpally (under Cyberabad police) learned that the gang had obtained powder from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and stored it with them for use.

“After escaping the city, gang members were dumping powder somewhere. If a Nepalese gang drug family had the opportunity to plunder their homes,” police officials said.

Cyberabad police captured Chakra Dharji, also a Nepalese defendant, and his wife Sita and their companion Upendra Pradeep Shahi, who robbed the owner’s house when the family went to the event. The trio broke into the house and packed 30 rupees of cash and 21 sets of gold and diamond jewelery before escaping.

Police arrested them near Second La Bird Station. Rs. 289,000 rupees of cash and 137 torus of gold and diamond jewelery, equivalent to about rupees. 710,000 rupees were recovered from them.

Regarding the trick, police said the gang’s main kingpin would stay in Delhi. “From there, they identify Nepalese working in other Indian cities and seduce them to commit theft at their employer’s home. These people also stay in the same city. I also connected with other members of the gang who are in India, “said a police officer.

Police are asking people to use the HawkEye application to upload and verify domestic help and driver credentials before hiring. Evidence of identity must be collected by the employer.

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-arrested-nepali-gang-had-planned-to-drug-employers-2371862/ The arrested “Nepalese gangster” was planning to sell drugs to his employer

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