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To the editor,

Why did the government choose to stop working with the international scientific community at this moment of global fear of climate change, especially the upcoming destruction of lowland island nations like the Bahamas? ??

Hurricane Dorian was just the beginning. Larger storms, floods, sea surges, and tsunamis will be more and more frequent. They will be our new reality. We need to urgently conduct research on how countries like ours can protect people from this significant global challenge.

The Bahamas cannot do it alone. Before we run out of time, we need the best and brightest people in the world to work on solutions for specific situations. And international researchers will be happy to help. All we have to do is work with them, as they are willing to work with us. It’s easy?

Wrong. Instead of cooperating with the international community, we avoid them, are jealous, and wholeheartedly protect our “lawn.” The government has refused to share the results of scientific research conducted in the Bahamas, transforming us into a Paria nation in the scientific community.

This is a major change from the global standard and a shift from what the Bahamas has always done.

Not surprisingly, the international scientific community is now turning its back on the Bahamas and taking its expertise elsewhere, if our own top Bahamas scientists are deprived of international funding. Some have lost their jobs as a result.

Scientists and climate experts around the world know what people can do to make communities more resilient and coastlines more resistant to erosion, and the expected sea level. We share information on how to build a state-of-the-art future community that can handle the rise. Meanwhile, we sit here alone in the dark, cut off our noses just to tease our faces, and are happy that the countdown to the next Super Storm is ticking.The

Best regards,

Roman roll The Bahamas must share its climate science – Eye Witness News

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