The Bahamas Secures Bid to Host Carifta Games in 2023 – Witness News

Bahamas government.Lobbying to make the country a permanent home for the IAAF World Relays

FNM works with the government. Explain the sources of funding for the celebration of 2023

Nassau, The Bahamas-The Bahamas will host the 50th Carifta Games in 2023 with the resurgence of the IAAF World Relays.

Prime Minister Phil Davis of Califta in Kingston, Jamaica is rooting for Bahamian fans.

Prime Minister Phil Davis and his delegation visited Kingston, Jamaica on a holiday weekend to lobby for opportunities to plan and execute next year’s sporting event.

A team of 54 athletes also visited Jamaica to participate in the 49th CARIFTA Athletics and finished the three-day competition in second place with 17 medals.

Team Bahama’s 36 aquatic team also participated in the 35th Califta Swimming Championships in Bridgetown, Barbados over the weekend, winning multiple gold, silver and bronze medals.

Davis hosted a special luncheon for the Regional Sports Association on Saturday night, and the Bahamas was used as the jurisdiction to host athletic events, given that the country “punches beyond its weight in athletics”. He emphasized to the authorities that it should be.

He said the Bahamas also wants to be a permanent organizer of the IAAF World Relays, given that the event has begun in the country.

The twice-yearly event was first held in the Bahamas in 2014 and last in the Bahamas in 2017.

Prime Minister Phil Davis talks about a luncheon in Jamaica to host the 50th Carifta Games in the Bahamas in 2023.

In an interview following the luncheon, Davis said that next year will be the Bahamas’ 50th and 50th anniversary since independence. During CARICOM’s anniversary, he will be chairman, so I thought he deserved to host the 50th CARIFTA game as well.

The prime minister argued that the move would be a win-win for the country by “holding his head in bed” and increasing sports tourism.

“The economic impact can usually be immeasurable,” Davis said.

“Some of them have ads that make the world aware of the existence of the Bahamas, what the Bahamas are, and a welcome place for everyone. Is one way to promote the Bahamas through sports.

“An element of diversification in the tourism industry is to promote sports tourism. Again, if we keep informing people that we are open to business and this kind of business, I think it’s a victory for the Bahamas. . “

The Prime Minister also showed the social impact that sports and sporting events could have on young Bahamans.

“I have come to appreciate that it is worth accepting sports activities.
He said.

“It teaches us people, especially young people, how to socialize and how we can get together. [and] It teaches discipline.

“… When we instill those attributes in young people, it only works for a better society.

“It’s one way for our young people to belong to something and do positive things.

“For me, sports and sporting activities help young people learn how to lose, learn how to win, do it gracefully in every aspect of division, and understand what life is. It’s an integral part of socialization. Everything, and just move on. “

Show me the money

However, Davis did not show the cost of hosting an event in the country.

FNM leader Michael Tarde

Michelle Pinterd, leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), said the government’s ideas are ambitious, but they must explain the sources of funding needed for their plans.

“I think every government often has lofty plans and has a specific purpose in implementing those plans,” he said.

“So it’s not our place to blame the government for having lofty plans. What we ask is how we’re going to fund what you’re thinking and they Where is the one in the list of other priorities? “

He bridges the gap in the education system caused by the Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 pandemics, and by better procuring and deploying law enforcement agencies to deter or stop criminals, health infrastructure and ecosystems. He pointed out the need to fix the system.

“We don’t blame the government for dreaming or having a wishlist,” Pintard added.

“We want to know how they intend to fund and where what is on their wishlist fits into the broader priorities that the Bahamans have identified as important to them. only.” The Bahamas Secures Bid to Host Carifta Games in 2023 – Witness News

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