The battle between Kejiwar and the center intensifies

New Delhi [India], July 23 (ANI): As the conflict between the Center and Prime Minister Arvind Keziwar intensifies, AAP convenors claim that the AAP government in Delhi has been newly established, and Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur. He urged party lawmakers to prepare for Thakur to be imprisoned. Record of corruption.

Keziwar has defended the government, claiming it is not contaminated, as the center leveled a series of allegations, but after Vice Governor VK Saxena recommended a CBI investigation into the AAP government’s Excise Policy 2021-22. , The dispute has intensified rule violations and procedural revocation.

Talking to ANI, AAP leader Atishi Marlena said the central agency was unable to prove a single accusation of corruption to party leaders for years.

“Registration of cases by the Center on Leaders and Ministers of our Party is not new. Despite using all central agencies against us, they are guilty of a single corruption against us. CBI can investigate this issue (excise policy) The world is seeing how Arvind Keziwar is being thwarted and the leader of his party False lawsuits have been imposed against him. “

In May, the Executive Office (ED) arrested Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain in a rupee 480 million money laundering case.

Kejiwar defends the minister praising Jain’s contribution to providing the world with a model of the Mohara Clinic and ensuring uninterrupted free electricity supply in Delhi, questioning the intent behind the arrest. did.

The BJP also opposed the Delhi commercial in full and asked if Mannish Sisodia, who was named to have brought undue benefits to the liquor licensee, “will also lose his memory.” Mannish perilla.

However, the party has taken such steps as Prime Minister Delhi openly supports the deputy prime minister, who calls the latter “honesty,” and claims that the BJP cannot “raise the AAP to the national level.” Is appealing to.

Delhi BJP leaders and workers protested the AAP government’s new liquor policy outside Mannish Sisodia’s residence on Saturday. After the incident, the protesters were detained by police.

After Delhi’s Vice-Governor VK Saxena recommended a CBI investigation into Delhi’s excise tax policy on suspicion of procedural revocation, Federal Minister Anurag Takul accused him of attacking Keziwar and concealing “corruption.” did.

“The AAP government has set a new record of corruption,” the federal minister added. The corrupt minister should resign. A corrupt man like you has no right to power. “

Emphasizing the Minister of Delhi, Satiendra Jain, who has been detained in judicial detention in connection with the money laundering case, Takul said: nose. There was a complaint against Satiendra Jain, who lost his memory in prison. Will Manish Sisodia also lose his memory? She also claimed that if there was one person “scary” by Prime Minister Modi, it would be Arvind Keziwar.

“When the case ends in a few months, the court will blame them for filing a proceeding without evidence. He is following him because Prime Minister Narendra Modi is afraid of Arvind Keziwar. If she was scared of one person in the country, she proved it was a court case, “she said.

“Kejiwarji should give the full details of this scam on the grounds,” Federal Minister Leki said at a press conference.

“Before giving yourself a proof of integrity, you have to be honest. In democracy, you have questions and you have to answer them, so not answering them doesn’t work,” Leki said. I said in.

There are other issues that have become a major friction issue: delays in holding MCD elections and Delhi LG refused permission to visit Singapore for the city summit Recently, Delhi LG refused to allow Kejiwar to visit Singapore. He advised not to attend the 8th World Cities Summit and the WCS Mayor’s Forum, and a meeting of mayors who are not suitable for the Prime Minister’s attendance.

However, ignoring LG’s proposal, the AAP convener said he would proceed with the visit, unlike the former advice.

After this, Keziwar skipped the weekly meeting called by LG Saxena on Friday.

In return, AAP sources claimed that LG “skipped” a similar meeting on July 8. In response to the party’s allegations, LG office sources said Saxena did not “skip” the meeting on the same day. I was in Jaipur to attend the North Zone Council meeting.

“Delhi LG convenes such meetings. He doesn’t have to” skip “they. LG will cancel such meetings, if any. In addition, LG did not “skip” the meeting. He was in Jaipur that day and attended the North Zone. Council meeting. DyCM Mannish Sisodia was also there. ” (ANI) The battle between Kejiwar and the center intensifies

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