The Best Movies Women Gamblers Are Portrayed In

Gambling movies have traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Almost always, the main character is played by a man. However, throughout movie history, many women have graced the screen as characters in gambling movies. They should not be discounted as mere side characters. Many of these women took over the gambling scenes and, as a feature on the website, check here the stories of the best gambler movies women have played a role in.

Eva Green – Casino Royale

Although Daniel Craig receives top billing in Casino Royale for his portrayal of 007, it is Eva Green that adds flare and body to the casino scenes. Eva plays the James Bond girl remarkably well.

The Best Movies Women Gamblers Are Portrayed In

However, it is her facial expressions and mannerisms that bring the notion that she is more than just a Bond girl. Her portrayal of an agent that works alongside James Bond brings validity to her sex and notes her as not just an object of seduction, but a true player in the game. The gambling scenes in Casino Royale would be empty without Eva’s presence.

Julia Roberts – Oceans 11

In Oceans 11 Julia Roberts proves herself as more than just a pretty woman. She is the voice of reason within the movie that would otherwise be a series of men making poor decisions on how to proceed with stealing money from a casino.

Julia Roberts intertwines beautifully with her male counterparts including George Clooney, Bernie Mac, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt. The original Ocean’s Eleven is followed by various sequels, but it is within this movie that Julia takes full charge of the scenes and makes us believe, she is a true gambler. Maybe she is in real life.

Jessica Chastain – Molly’s Game – An Amazing Gambling Movie

One of the most striking attributes of Molly’s Game was not the portrayal of the character by Jessica Chastain, but the amazing effect this movie had on women throughout the world. Women are not often thought of as gamblers and Molly’s Game changed that for stay-at-home moms, professional businesswomen, and women from all walks of life. Suddenly, these individuals were not controlled by their station alone. They could finally express their love and excitement over a high stakes poker game.

In this movie, Molly, based on a real-life character is asked to organize an underground game for some rich individuals. She learns all she can and successfully organizes the game for her boss. However, she seizes an opportunity to take over the scheme herself and begins organizing her own games. Before long, she is in charge of games where the buy in is said to be around $100,000.

As with all schemes, the fun lasts only so long and the feds get involved. Molly’s game underscores how a game of fun has the potential to turn into a gambling addiction and how quickly things can turn negative. Molly’s Game is one of the best gambling films of all time and poker players throughout the world would watch this true story.

Sharon Stone – Casino – Excellent Las Vegas Scenes

Sharon Stone has captured our attention throughout the years for various reasons. For her role in Casino, she plays Ginger and this casino movie is among the best. The character is based on a real-life showgirl named Geri. Sharon Stone threw herself into researching everything possible about Geri and how her life spiraled out of control. Geri became more enthralled into the illegal side of casinos. Subsequently, Ginger goes through various highs and lows throughout this movie. It is easy to tell that Stone did her research. She portrays the character perfectly at every step.

Casino provides a real, visual perspective into the life of a showgirl and how it can be great, but also can go down quickly if things are not kept in check. Without these highs and lows, Casino would not have been the box office smash we enjoy today.

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Jodie Foster – Maverick – Not Just a Poker Game

Jodie Foster is one of those actresses that can play a wide range of characters without missing a beat. In Maverick, she portrays a con artist with a pension for games at the poker table. This movie is set in the old west, therefore, it is not like other women in gambling movies where they are running around modern Las Vegas casinos. It gives a glimpse into the past with a humorous flair. Maverick proves gambling is not just something that happens in casinos, but in bars, taverns, and anywhere people want to play a game of chance.

Gambling movies have been with us for as long as stories have been portrayed on film. Women in gaming movies are becoming more of a main character and less of a side note. Ladies love to gamble just as much as men and these movies prove it to the masses, so if you are a woman who loves games of chance, keep loving the game.

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