The BPL claims that the Father’s Day power outage was caused by two separate incidents – Eye Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau — The Bahamas Power & Wright (BPL) said yesterday that two separate incidents caused power outages and that electricity was cut off in some areas of New Providence on Sunday.

As reported by Witness newsSome New Providence residents celebrating Father’s Day have to withstand several hours of power outages in central and eastern parts of New Providence as the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) has sought to restore power supplies. It didn’t become.

According to the power company, some areas of Central Providence went offline around 1:23 pm yesterday. A system failure occurred at the company’s Clifton Wharf power plant. According to the BPL, this issue was resolved within an hour and power in the affected areas was fully restored.

“But following this event, at around 5:30 pm, severe lightning conditions struck New Providence Island, affecting power generation, transmission and distribution systems. As a result, New Providence in the southwest and east. Many areas of the entire island were affected, including the area where there were transformers and transmission lines were affected as a result of direct lightning strikes, “the company said in a statement.

The BPL said it would not turn off the area before most weather events. “However, protective devices such as fuses and circuit breakers work to cut off affected areas to ensure the safety of the general public and reduce the risk of equipment damage.”

According to the company, 31 areas were affected by the bad weather on Sunday.

“BPL is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers, employees, and equipment. Thus, after weather conditions have subsided, crew members are dispatched to repair when signs of safety are shown. The number of areas affected by this event is so large that the crew has begun to restore the affected areas and begin addressing individual customer concerns. It took a few hours. The majority of the affected customers were restored by 9 pm. Our crew continued to work in the morning to recover the remaining customers, “the company said. Told.

Kyle Wilson of the Bahamas Electric Workers’ Union told Witness News that consumers can do it Experience further outages during the summerKeep in mind that while significant investment has been made in 83 MW rental power generation to meet peak demand, the transmission and distribution network requires a great deal of work. The BPL claims that the Father’s Day power outage was caused by two separate incidents – Eye Witness News

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