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The British government apologizes to the Queen for the party on the eve of the prince’s funeral

The British government apologized to Elizabeth II yesterday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff revealed that they had a party on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral and broke the coronavirus restrictions.
“We deeply regret that this was done in memory of the country and 10 Downing Street apologized to the palace,” Johnson’s official spokesman told reporters.
The message to the 95-year-old head of state was sent by phone through an official route, not personally by Johnson, who was forced to resign after numerous similar allegations. Is understood.
Johnson has so far apologized to Congress this week for attending one of the events in May 2020, trying to overcome a storm of public and political anger.
However, on April 16, 2021, the parties took the scandal to another level as the Queen prepared to bury her 73-year-old husband, revealed by The Daily Telegraph. Newspapers that Johnson worked on before entering politics usually endorse his conservative government.
Prince Philip’s funeral at Windsor Castle was limited to 30 guests by government Covid rules, forcing the Queen to sit alone in the church’s pew to say goodbye.
Almost the same number of Johnson staff made separate fuss the night before, using music from DJs and alcohol purchased from supermarkets, put in suitcases and smuggled into Downing Street. According to the Telegraph, Johnson, now isolated for his close relatives with Covid, was at the time in his official country dwelling, Checkers.
All three major opposition parties demanded Johnson’s resignation. Five of his own Conservatives have publicly participated in his call for resignation.
Formerly a loyal supporter, Andrew Bridgen said he became the latest Tory member on Friday and submitted a letter of distrust resolution to Johnson to a strong committee of Conservatives in Rank and File.
If 15% or 54 of the 360 ​​Conservatives in Congress do the same, and Johnson doesn’t break his own agreement, it triggers an internal leadership contest. Telegraph reported that as many as 30 MPs had already sent the letter. Bridgen, a strong supporter of Brexit who pushed Johnson into power in 2019, now writes in the newspaper that “there is a moral gap in the center of our government.”
Most ministers gathered around Johnson, but support from potential successors such as powerful finance minister Rishi Sunak was clearly lukewarm.
Johnson urged all sides to wait for the results of an internal investigation set to include the latest claims. His former communications director, James Slack, apologized on Friday for the “anger and wounds” caused by his April 16 withdrawal party.
Slack, now Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Sun Tabloid, said, “I take full responsibility” and “I’m deeply sorry.”
The party is reported to have merged with another event that marks the departure of one of Johnson’s personal photographers. Government guidance at the time outlawed socialization, except for your household or support bubble. As a result, thousands of families could not visit their sick or dying loved ones in Covid, or even attend the funeral.
Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the main opposition Labor Party, and others seized the revelation, claiming to have shown a culture of double standards at the heart of the government. “The Queen was in mourning alone, just as many at the time tried to obey the rules for the national interest at the expense of personal trauma,” Reiner said.
“I have no words about the number 10 culture and behavior, and money stops at PM,” she added.
Fran Hall of the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group said:
Johnson’s poll ratings have plummeted since the “party gate” claim surfaced last month. One new poll by YouGov in the Times gives Labor 10 points above the Tories, the largest margin since 2013, and six out of ten voters believe Johnson should resign. He said he was.
The Metropolitan Police Department says it will wait for the results of the government’s internal investigation before deciding whether to initiate its own criminal investigation.

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