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The Cabinet imposes limited restrictions as the number of COVID cases surges to 3,683

By BIzzak

Kuwait: Yesterday, the number of new coronavirus infections surged to a record high of 3,683, and the Cabinet has reduced public sector employees by up to 50%, calling on the private sector to reduce office staff, and more. I have imposed a series of restrictions. Government spokesman Tareq Al-Mazrem said there are currently no plans to close the airport or impose a curfew on Kuwait, while reiterating that the school situation remains reassuring.

After the Minister of Health tested positive for COVID-19, all ministers were in home quarantine, so they met online and the Cabinet said the new measures would be valid from tomorrow until further notice. ..

With the new records reported yesterday, Kuwaiti officials have reported more than 20,000 cases since the beginning of January. This is 10 times more than all cases reported during the 3 months from September 15th to December 15th. The number of patients in the hospital increased from 147 to 14. More than 20,000 other infected people are recovering at home.

The Cabinet has not ordered a closure, but has called on all government departments to use the required number of staff, unless more than half of all staff. He also called on the private sector to “reduce the number of office employees to the minimum necessary to get the job done.”

According to the Cabinet, meetings, conferences and training courses can only be held online from Wednesday. The Cabinet has also decided that public transport passengers should not exceed 50 percent, especially with strict health conditions wearing face masks. Fans attending sporting events must be fully vaccinated and observe their health, the Cabinet said. People who visit salons, hairdressers and health clubs must also be fully vaccinated.

The Cabinet must provide services directly and publicly online, only when the government sector requires it. This must be done by ensuring a prior appointment. The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the infection rate had risen to 10.1%. This is a significant surge from the infection rate of only 0.1% recorded before November.

Authorities urged the public to give a third boost to boost immunity, adding that those who received the second dose six months ago must take the third dose. If you are over 50 years old, you can take it from the vaccination center without reservation. The Cabinet has determined that those who take a second dose nine months ago are no longer considered immune to COVID-19. Also, the departure of Kuwaiti citizens who have not taken the third dose has been banned.

Authorities urged the public to postpone travel plans unless necessary to protect them from illnesses that are widespread around the world. Meanwhile, the Home Office has warned that all rallies and events will be disbanded and the organizers will be sent to court for up to three years in prison or a fine of 10,000 won. The city council secretariat has declared a three-day holiday starting today, adding that employees returning to work on Sunday must have a negative PCR test within the last 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the Diet holds a special session on Thursday to discuss bills such as job creation for Kuwaiti and amendments to the press and publishing law. The government said it would attend the meeting.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/cabinet-imposes-limited-curbs-as-covid-cases-soar-to-3683/ The Cabinet imposes limited restrictions as the number of COVID cases surges to 3,683

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