The Chamber of Commerce says “kissing in court” is not appropriate, but a verbal warning should have been sufficient.

The bar association said a court kiss was not appropriate, but a verbal warning should have been sufficient.

Dr. Janice Chetcuti of PNMP mentioned Judge YanaMicallef Staffrace’s “unbalanced reaction” after he happened to peck at another lawyer who was her cousin.

According to the bar association, the case was described as an “erotic” or “sexual” act by a justice of the peace.

The Proponents’ Council, which occurred in May, was asked to investigate an incident that came to light in the last few days.

The Chamber of Commerce said it had conducted an investigation into the matter to establish the facts that occurred and referred to by the court. This was done through interviews with Dr. Janice Chetkuti and members of other professions who happened to be in the same hall at the time of the incident.

Based on the information gathered by the Chamber of Commerce, while waiting for Dr. Janice Chetokti to deal with the case appearing in the defendant, his cousin Dr. Melhino Mercieka entered the same hall and became Dr. Chetokti. It became clear that I greeted him. According to the chamber, a short hug and probably a peck on the cheek that lasted for a few seconds.

The Chamber of Commerce said in the meantime Such a form of greeting is not a proper act by a lawyer in court and, in fact, is less than the courtesy expected of a lawyer in court., A simple verbal warning depending on the situation would have been appropriate.

Inappropriate for court and may have actually surprised colleagues, but the hug was a simple and friendly greeting between cousins, as evidenced by a statement made to the Chamber of Commerce. What was unusual and shocking to the other lawyers in the same hall at the time was the imbalanced reaction of the justice of the peace to the final minor acts of the two lawyers.

The Chamber of Commerce has found a reaction of justice of the peace of concern that is far greater than the actions of lawyers, especially in the context of the episode in question, the Chamber of Commerce said. Instead of a simple and unobtrusive warning, the lawyer’s improper behavior that would have dealt with the situation gracefully and would have been proportional to the lack of awareness of the time, place, and opportunity indicated by the two lawyers, the Justice of the Peace. The idea of ​​the issue that emphasized was considered appropriate for appealing to the “explosion of dirty words” and took the action described as frenzy by a lawyer in the hall at the time.

Comparing Dr. Chetcuti’s actions with the actions of “whores” and “worst criminals” in a public court presided over by the Justice of the Peace, it is completely unbalanced, apart from being significantly imbalanced in the context of the case. Appropriate, unacceptable and intolerable.

The Chamber of Commerce is very serious and firm when its members are exposed to what is called humiliation treatment only by members of the judiciary and insult the injury in a public court in front of its lawyer’s own clients and peers. Take a view. It is clear that other somewhat descriptive language was used by the Justice of the Peace, which further reveals the lack of restraint by the Justice of the Peace in dealing with violations of simple minor acts.

Such an imbalanced reaction is not only to the relevant advocates who must represent other clients in front of the same justice of the peace, but also to the judiciary who makes great efforts to protect the reputation of the judiciary. It is also unfair to the members of. Through day-to-day efforts in court, some of them go against all the possibilities of lack of resources and administrative support.

The Chamber of Commerce has stated that it does not tolerate and therefore does not minimize violations of conduct by relevant lawyers, but its members may be humiliated or bullied by ultimately delegated judicial members. Do not tolerate. Providing justice according to the law and by determining the future of the lives of others, but simple to the words “erotic” or “sexual” used by judges when they exploded in court. Completely misunderstand the greeting hug.

The Chamber of Commerce, on the one hand, said it was surprised by the fact that the judge was so angry at the event that he deserved it to be described as frenzy even by other experts who experienced it. However, the court itself did not go until it imposed such sanctions, and instead relied solely on reporting the matter to the Chamber of Commerce, with all the powers and powers to impose sanctions on contempt of court.

The explanation used by the court in communicating with the Chamber of Commerce is at best misleading, as the Chamber of Commerce cannot properly and faithfully explain the case as “li dehril homligħ and homjoqgħ odu” following verification of the facts of the case. It should be noted that it is a jitbewwsuwaqtseduta “. The use of the term “joqgħodujitbewsu” gives the impression of some ongoing action, but it does not fit the facts that have occurred.

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