The Cluster Power Data Center will be Romania’s first data center to receive the Uptime Institute Accredited, the most prestigious certification in the world.

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The data center, built near Craiova by ClusterPower with the help of Tema Energy’s engineering team, has officially received Tier III Design Accredited certification from the Uptime Institute in the United States. Cluster Power is Romania’s first hyper-scalable data center with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Based in New York, the Uptime Institute brings together certified experts to review and certify the design and construction of data center infrastructure to the most stringent design and execution standards.

The announcement was made for the first time at the Data Center Forum, the only event dedicated to the Romanian data center industry hosted by Tema Energy.

With Tier III Design certification, Romania has entered the international map of Uptime-certified campuses, becoming a market benchmark for data centers designed according to the most stringent operational resiliency standards and the latest solutions in power and cooling technology. Provide. It provides uninterrupted operational security for IT activities to customers who choose to benefit from cloud services, computing, and IT infrastructure.

The approval process leading up to certification is a daunting process that spans 12 months, during which Tema Energy specialists and engineers work in the technology areas (electrical infrastructure, machinery, air conditioning, power backup, fire protection, security, seismic protection, etc. Racks, monitoring solutions in the first PowerCluster data center, etc.), delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of related equipment.

Tier III design certifications minimize the risk of project interruptions, provide redundant and restoring equipment and installation benefits, and comply with industry best practices for uninterrupted and efficient operation. Prove that.

“This international recognition is an indisputable benchmark in the areas in which we do business. From design to equipment and maintenance, we are leading the Engineering, Promoting Construction (EPC) of data centers. Cluster Power is a major project, the largest in Romania and one of the largest in Central and Southeastern Europe. This project includes two Uptime ATD specialists, one Uptime ATS specialist, and others. We have assigned a complex design team of many designers, consultants, installation engineers, service specialists, installation engineers, etc. to complete the first phase of the project in the first quarter of this year. To tell Mihai Manor, Managing partner Tema Energy.

“ClusterPower has attracted several technological pioneers not only in Romania but also in Europe. It is the largest center of artificial intelligence in the region and the first data in the region directly connected to the high power supply. The center (up to 200 MW), Europe’s first data center with innovative cooling technology produced by energy-efficient processes. All of these are from Tema Energy, which specializes in all aspects of the project. Thanks to the engineering team, it’s possible. ” Cosmin Georgescu says, CEO of ClusterPower. The Cluster Power Data Center will be Romania’s first data center to receive the Uptime Institute Accredited, the most prestigious certification in the world.

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