The Corona era will never be overlooked

News Analysis: Not everyone was excited about the prospect of a full resumption of Norway after 18 months of pandemic restrictions. Some fear the threat of infection, while others admire the unexpected benefits of the Corona crisis and how it has changed Norwegian society.

Many actually liked the quiet streets when the Corona crisis kept most people home. Photo:øst

Anyone who thinks it is possible to stay with their loved ones hytte (Villa) Can I still do my normal day’s work between skis and hikes? Or can workers often set themselves up and save all the time they spend commuting to work from home? The digitization of Norwegian society was already well underway, but accelerated at a dizzying pace during the Corona crisis.

Currently, many Norwegians are from home or theirs hytter, And many employers are prepared to deal with them, especially in terms of how much they can save by leasing office space.

Since then, various forms of stress in society have been totally relieved. Suddenly, I couldn’t even stuff my social or work calendars, or even expect them. People had more freedom and time to work on long-delayed projects around the house, read books, and clean the closet. The family realized that they were spending more time together, for better or for worse. On the other hand, a lonely person could only prosper when he wanted to be alone. Suddenly everyone was.

“It was a time when we were shining.” Written in the newspaper by composer, writer and rapper Aslac Herbert Morgenbladet.. “We enjoy being alone, those who find hugging uncomfortable, those who like to stay at home feel that we are draining energy,” he said. Was mentioned. Suddenly, Herbert said: “It was as if the world was created just for us. Home office? Complete. Party, mandatory gathering, end of social event? Great. Meeting on Skype and Zoom? All small before the meeting Heaven on earth for all who are afraid to talk. “

newspaper Aftenposten Reported just before last week Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced the end of most corona restrictions starting SaturdayDuring the first three months of the pandemic from March to June 2020, Norway had far fewer heart attacks. Deaths from heart attacks have not been so low since 1970, according to new figures from the state public health research institute FHI. It sees a connection with a pandemic, and for many people there is less daily stress anxiety and better hygiene.

Pandemics were serious in many companies, especially in the travel and hospitality industries, but some literally blossomed. Delivery of grocery and restaurant meals has begun, new jobs have been created, and perhaps new consumer habits have lasted for a long time. Residential renovations have exploded, with businesses booming in building supply centers, gardeners, upholstery companies, and, surprisingly, the real estate market.both housing When Villa The sector soared during periods of massive furloughs, job uncertainties, and property display restrictions. Prices for both homes and highters rose by double digits between 2019 and 2020, and again in 2021. Because people were trapped in their homes good House. Many also found that they were saving a lot of money because they didn’t go on luxury holidays, eat out, or go shopping.

On the other hand, no country in the world has been able to tackle the corona crisis as well as Norway.Armed with Huge sovereign wealth fundThe government can promptly guarantee and pay unemployment benefits to dismissed people, provide incentives to businesses, and provide compensation to closed people. In the first year of the Corona crisis, an additional 300 billion kroner will be put into the economy without incurring national debt, and Norwegians could be guaranteed by the broad benefits of social welfare. Most are quite convinced that Norwegians will survive the Corona crisis, and the majority did.

The climate probably stood to enjoy the greatest benefits Ground airline flights, lack of traffic, and all other implications of reduced mobility. In the first week of the Norwegian corona crisis in March 2020 alone, carbon admission from the transport sector fell by as much as 40%. Norwegian airline emissions alone have fallen by 42,000 tonnes since March 13, 2020 (the day after Corona was closed). Until March 20, 2020, according to the Norwegian Aeronautical Research Institute (NILU). By May of last year, traffic on the highway and the transportation sector as a whole had dropped significantly, resulting in a sharp drop in emissions.

However, the expectations of climate-friendly parties that the Corona crisis heralds the long-awaited “green shift” have not been met. For example, the Socialist Left Party (SV) wanted to take advantage of both the Corona crisis and last year’s fall in oil prices to quickly rebuild an economy away from oil.It’s not happening, and None of Norway’s largest political parties want to phase out oil soon..

When the flight begins to take off again, And as more people return to their office commute, many of Corona’s climate impacts can quickly evaporate. Others have pointed out perhaps the most important positive effect of Corona: solidarity in the crisis. Rival political parties, corporate organizations, labor organizations, and even neighbors who are otherwise unrelated to each other suddenly gathered. The financial assistance package was quickly put together and granted a state loan guarantee. The government responded swiftly as oil prices plummeted.Corona crisis brings Norwegian spirit Dagnad Tests (pulling together for a common goal), and most agree that they passed.

Now, as Prime Minister Solberg calls “Daily life” returns to “normal” Many cheer while others are suspicious. As the climate crisis intensifies, carbon emissions may begin to rise again rapidly. The fear of major bankruptcy never materialized, and for many businesses, despite the increasing number of people being allowed to work from home, it is now a normal business. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) reported on Sunday that people with weak immunity fear that if everyone else is not vigilant, they will eventually get sick.

“It inspires me,” Sunnmøre’s Eidsdal Synnøve Stenvåg told NRK. “People are already alive so that we have never experienced a pandemic. It may sound selfish, but that’s what I’m most afraid of.” Stenvåg and many others. For those of us, a more protected life under the corona crisis will be lost. Berglund The Corona era will never be overlooked

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