The corpse found at RTÉ, the chaos of the journey continues

Corpse found at RTÉ

The man’s body Found on the premises of RTÉ..

The discovery took place around 10:30 pm on Monday night, and the scene is currently closed.

The deceased has not yet been officially identified.

Death of tipperary

Tipperary councilor Mark Fitz-Gerald is calling Support for the community In the wake of the tragedy when an old couple was found dead at home.

Yesterday, Gardai had their bodies Discovered on Monday afternoon It is located in the town of Clonein near the border between County Tipperary and Kilkenny.

Early signs suggest that both bodies were not found for a period of time.

Increasing Covid

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said he believes the country can survive the summer wave of Covid infections. Without the need to introduce new restrictions..

Balladkar commented after HSE CEO Paul Reed said he was considering recommending the government to return compulsory masks in some environments.

Dr. Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer of HSE, also said he was “extremely concerned” about the surge in the number of hospitalized patients infected with the virus.

Travel confusion

Ryanair’s boss says flight delays and cancellations Continue “all summer” The airport is suffering from a shortage of staff.

Michael O’Leary, CEO of low-cost carriers, said passengers should be prepared for “not a satisfying experience.”

O’Leary blamed the shortage of airport staff across air traffic control, baggage handling, and security.

X The corpse found at RTÉ, the chaos of the journey continues

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