The Council of Europe proposes a comprehensive legal and policy framework for combating hate speech – Romanian Journal

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The Council of Europe today issued a set of guidelines for the prevention and eradication of hate speech to 46 member states, both online and offline.

so recommendation Adopted at the Annual Meeting of the Council of Europe in Turin, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is comprehensive in preventing and fighting hate speech, including the adoption of an effective legal framework and the implementation of properly coordinated proportional measures. We are asking the government to formulate a good strategy. In doing so, national authorities need to carefully balance the right to private life, the right to free speech, and the prohibition of discrimination.

Welcome to the adoption of the guidelines, Secretary-General Mary Peichinovich said:Hate speech is increasing in Europe, especially online, and often takes the form of incitement to racism, anti-Semitism, or violence. The European Government should work together to address this complex threat to our society by taking effective and proportional steps. “

The guidelines state that member states are, firstly, the most serious cases of hate speech that should be banned by criminal law, secondly, hate speech subject to civil and administrative law, and finally, offensive or harmful types. It is recommended to distinguish the expressions of. It is not serious enough to be legally restricted under the European Convention on Human Rights, but it still seeks an alternative response.

To counter online hate speech, governments need to ensure clear and foreseeable provisions to effectively remove online hate speech that is prohibited by criminal, civil, or administrative law. They should also establish by law effective measures to be taken to prevent their dissemination.

The recommendations further cover the procedural requirements for eliminating hate speech, remedies and appeal mechanisms, emphasizing the need for transparency and proportionality.

Guidance on awareness raising, education, the use of counters and alternative speeches, setting up support mechanisms to assist those targeted by hate speech, and training for police and judicial members and other professionals is provided.

While primarily directed at Member States and their authorities, the recommendations also include guidance to other stakeholders, including civil servants, political parties, Internet intermediaries, the media, and civil society organizations. The Council of Europe proposes a comprehensive legal and policy framework for combating hate speech – Romanian Journal

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