The deployment of nationwide broadband is one month earlier than planned, and the committee

The Oireachtas Commission has heard that there was “real momentum” in providing broadband to thousands of homes and businesses this year. And the project is now one month ahead of schedule.

In January, TD heard that the company responsible for deploying local broadband networks was more than six months behind schedule due to pandemics and other delays.

The revised goal was agreed with the government to provide broadband to 102,000 facilities by January 2023.

On Wednesday, the Joint Commission on Transportation Communications received updates on the progress of the National Broadband Plan deployment from National Broadband Ireland (NBI) CEO Peter Hendrick and National Broadband Ireland Deployment CEO TJ Malone. rice field. ..

In the opening statement, Hendrick said:

“Currently, 330,000 facilities, or 60% of the total intervention area, are being investigated, and the detailed design of 313,000 facilities has been completed.”

He said these “significant precursors” to the main build are “before the profile.”

“Currently, there are 182,000 facilities where construction work has begun or completed, which is considered a key indicator of progress and project momentum,” he said.

“By the end of June tomorrow, we will have 63,652 passing facilities and more than 74,000 fully networked facilities.

“Since our last involvement with the Commission, NBI has been working on fiber building on six islands off Mayo and Donegal. We plan to further improve island connectivity and build corks later this year.”

The Commission has heard that since January, an additional 300 workers have been hired and the total number of skilled workers in the National Broadband Planning Program exceeds 1,500.

Malone said the project is “in a different location” than earlier this year.

He states: “In the early days of Covid, it had a huge impact on early-stage surveying and design, and as a result, builds.

“And as you can imagine, we were a new company and we were founding, so it had a significant impact on every part of our business and everyone in our business. . “

He says Covid’s impact is “not that big at the moment” because all the necessary systems are in place now, and the only impact it will have now is “on the road of the actual build itself”. Said.

Malone added: So we caught up. Currently, we are constructing through 7,000 to 10,000 buildings a month.

“It’s probably a month away at this point, unless you run into other obstacles.”

When asked if 102,000 facilities would be completed by the end of 2022, Malone said:


A community left behind by the National Broadband Plan …

“That said, there may be obstacles that could hit us, but we’re confident at this point.”

When asked again if he could exceed his January 2023 goal, Malone said:

“We are confident that we are a little above our goal this year, and we are all very aware of the need to win some wins, especially for our own workforce.” The deployment of nationwide broadband is one month earlier than planned, and the committee

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