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The difference between Tutu’s true self and what he made

With the death of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the world has lost its unstoppable force for good, teaching compassion and forgiveness and pursuing his mission with the will of iron.
“Arch” is correctly remembered as the international voice of the anti-apartheid movement and for his position next to Nelson Mandela in the decades of fighting for racial equality and justice in South Africa. .. But he touched people’s lives in many other ways.
In particular, his contribution to the global effort to end the child’s marriage must be recognized. His involvement began with another great quality of his, the humility of admitting what he did not know. But when he knew, he became completely committed to the cause. Already nearly 80 years old, he is willing to visit remote villages in Ethiopia, India and Zambia to meet and listen to adolescent girls who are married or are forced to marry. rice field. He met their fathers, religious leaders, village elders, and politicians to learn why this was happening and tried to convince them that marriage was not in the best interests of the girl.
He was not afraid of religious, cultural or political establishment. He was a great communicator and a wise activist who could make the audience laugh and cry within minutes. He knew how to convey a difficult message by pressing the correct emotional button. In many cases, I used stories to convey my point. It was not uncommon to see leaders, including the president and prime minister, listen to him like a child and realize that the main points of the story are directed to them honestly.
If he witnessed fraud, he confirmed that the powers knew about it. He talked not only about the suffering of girls forced to marry, but also about the role of men in ending this harmful practice. Regarding the changes he witnessed when men began to treat their wives equally, he said: But he was welcomed by all the leaders of the faith because he softened the harsh truth with such compassion and humor. When he turned his attention to something, he was very difficult to resist.
However, although Arch was a solid determination, he always made people feel value. He stopped talking to people who served tea and opened doors for him, making the president wait many times. I’m sure he was pointing out a great man (mostly a man). Everyone deserves respect and equal treatment. He loved to meet young people and gave them great encouragement and hope. He often said that big waves were needed to make big changes. Each of us can be a drop of water that makes up the wave, and by working together we can accomplish great things.
The forgiveness of others, and our own forgiveness, was one of his most repetitive messages. As chair of Elders, a group of global leaders founded in 2007 with Mandela and Graça Machel, he reminded prominent peers of our shared humanity and interrelationships. I need the most help.
It is impossible to say everything that can be said about this tough, funny and illustrious giant of social justice. We must remember him by taking small actions every day to make a difference and upholding his belief that good will ultimately win in this problematic world. — Project Syndicate

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