The dismissed TV Slovenija boss goes to work

Andrej Grah Whatmough, director of public broadcasting in Ljubljana-Slovenia, appointed Natalija Gorščak as director of the television division of the station after dismissing her last August.

In a press release on Monday, RTV Slovenija stated that Gorščak is the only candidate to apply for a job in line with the phone requirements by the May 13 deadline. Another application arrived by email and was not considered.

Grah Whatmough, currently Deputy Director of TV Slovenija, is currently seeking approval from the RTV Slovenija Program Council to appoint Gorščak.

In his proposal, he states that he dismissed Golschak in August 2021.

“Therefore, the decision to propose Natalija Gorščak to the director of TV Slovenija may seem illogical at first,” he writes. Public mission “.

One of the reasons for his decision was the appointment of three editor-in-chiefs at TV Slovenija, which he said could only proceed if the TV director was appointed either during his term or during his term. Says.

Given the differences in the past with Gorščak, he expects that if she is approved by the council, the two will need several discussions to adjust their views on future challenges and goals. ..

If she is appointed, he expects the new television director to make the necessary changes, carry out program overhauls, and act in accordance with laws and regulations and all internal rules.

“From this point of view, I would say a word to her about future communication with the media. During my term, I first tried to solve the problem internally, but only in exceptional cases. I solved it by consulting with outsiders, “Grah Whatmough wrote. The general public does not expect RTV Lovenija staff to wash dirty laundry in public.

Gorščak told STA that he had submitted an application because he was concerned about the public broadcaster she said was “faced with an imminent collapse.”

She said Gra Watmov’s decision to choose her was evidence of her tort dismissal. “And all this time, he has no hero to apply for.”

Gorščak also acknowledges that the Program Council may not give a green light, and if so, expects her to face many obstacles.

Grah Whatmough dismissed Gorščak on August 20, 2021 when the Programming Council was appointed to give the go-ahead needed for such a dismissal. Gorščak has begun legal proceedings to challenge her dismissal, and Valentin Areh was appointed acting TV director in September.

Gra Watmov took over the job in February after Are’s six-month term ended and a call for an application to fill the post failed in Golschak as the only applicant, but the bid was unsuccessful. It was perfect.

TV Slovenija is in turmoil and the majority of its staff opposes the appointment and modification of programs under the new leaders who have taken over under the Janez Janša administration. Staff will launch a token strike in protest on May 23rd.

The next coalition has announced that it will amend a bill to depoliticize public broadcasting, but the new opposition has submitted its own bill at the first meeting of the new parliament before the coalition, so the former needs to be discussed first. .. The dismissed TV Slovenija boss goes to work

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