The DPM says the CDC’s reputation will go up, but many islands remain without COVID – Eye Witness News

Deputy Prime Minister Nassau, Bahamas-Chester Cooper said that while the increasing number of cases of coronavirus raise concerns about the Bahamas’ CDC travel assessment, most of the islands lack COVID and their destinations are “relatively safe.” “Travel place”.

“Well, I’m always worried when I see more cases of COVID,” Cooper told the media at the Prime Minister’s Office.

“But we point out that there are six destinations. Most of the cases we see are in New Providence.

“There are still some islands in the Bahamas that are completely free of COVID, and we send the message to the world that it is a relatively safe place to travel.”

The Bahamas is on the 5th COVID wave..

There were 155 cases over the weekend and another 88 cases last Thursday.

Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper

Most of these infections were recorded in New Providence.

Last week there were 346 infections compared to 209 last week.

This represents a 65% increase in cases weekly.

The Bahamas recorded 721 cases between May 1st and 23rd, almost three times as many cases recorded at the same time last month.

There were 188 cases between April 1st and 23rd.

yesterday, CDC updated Bahamas travel rating “Level 3: High COVID-19” warns that unvaccinated travelers should avoid traveling to the country.

“Of course, this is a concern, especially as it is monitored by US groups, event planners and businesses,” said the minister.

“If you reach level 4, the impact shouldn’t be that great. It will have some impact on our overall arrivals. Now we see what the rest of the world is seeing. I’m just doing it.

“COVID is skyrocketing a bit. People are absolutely tired of it. At this stage of the game, people are really ready to move on, so people are being vaccinated and boosted. , Still traveling.

“And we see this embodied in our overall number.”

Cooper was asked about Bahamian President Grame Davis’ recent request to remove the test requirements for the government to enter the country, while the government listens to stakeholders while the government is a Bahamian. He said he must make a decision for the best interests of the government. What is good for tourism and the economy? “

Cooper said: “Evaluate all data.

“We listen to the opinions of experts and make decisions based on data and experts.

“As I say, we listen to the opinions of our stakeholders, but we are hired by the Bahamian people to protect their interests. That’s what we do. “

Vaccinated visitors and returnees must undergo an antigen test prior to entry, and unvaccinated travelers must undergo a negative RT-PCR test.

Cooper said the protocol, along with the Bahamas stakeholder protocol, will significantly reduce the burden on local facilities in the event of a serious and serious incident from tourists coming to the Bahamas. He said he was satisfied.

He said that an element of insurance can evacuate a seriously ill person, for example, through a travel visa that applies to the visitor.

He said all stakeholders, namely resorts, have made arrangements within their property to isolate guests who are positive but may be asymptomatic. The DPM says the CDC’s reputation will go up, but many islands remain without COVID – Eye Witness News

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