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The drama continues as Besiktas wins the Turkish Super Cup final in Doha-Doha News

Besiktas and Antalyaspor fought a dramatic Super Cup final with the Black Eagles winning (4-2) in a penalty shootout at Arrayan’s Ahmadbin Ali Stadium in fear of the COVID 19 protocol.

♪ “Gol, Gol, Gol, Gol, Gol” ♪ On Wednesday night, Besiktas fans’ almost deafening chanting made the team enthusiastic in the Super Cup final.

Besiktas captain Atiba Hutchinson scored the opening goal in the 33rd minute and the team dominated most of the first half. However, after the break, Antalyaspor pushed his Istanbul opponent against his hind legs. In the middle of the second half, Besiktas Ativa put the ball into an own goal in the 74th minute and the pressure was rewarded.

Both teams were unable to convert the remaining chances of the match and forced the game into a penalty. After goalkeeper Elsin Destanogle saved Elsin Mustafa’s kick and Floranus Cherel hit the bar, expectations for Antalyaspor’s Maiden’s title were four with rivals converting all penalties and shooting out. It was shattered by getting -2. The final kick by Vida Domagoji, who buried the ball in the net, triggered an ecstatic celebration at the Black Eagles camp.

This is the 10th time the Istanbul-based club has raised the trophy and the first time it has been played in Qatar.

Fans get angry

After the match was over, some Anatalyspor fans clashed with Besiktas supporters. Fans of Antalyaspor threw plastic bottles and other projectiles.

However, police were immediately dispatched to the area, forming a barricade between the two fan groups, and within minutes the situation was controlled.

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COVID 19 Concerns

Volunteers and organizers have always instructed fans to “separate and maintain the protocol of social distance” through speakers. However, the fans got together and stuck to chanting in the gathered group. Since only a small portion of the stadium’s capacity was used, people were not evenly distributed and a significant group of supporters sat close to each other.

Fans who do not follow the rules of social distance.Source, Doha News

Fans who do not follow the rules of social distance.Source, Doha News

The organizers of the Super Cup have promised to hold the match under strict protocol procedures. Athletes, officers and organizers have been placed in a biobubble state. Regarding fans, we confirmed the status of Etherz with a maximum capacity of 25% (10,185) of the stadium’s capacity.

Dress rehearsal

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium hosted the Turkish Super Cup after witnessing Egyptian Al Ahari defeating Morocco’s Raja in the African Super Cup match on December 22nd.

So far, Qatar has hosted numerous international football cup finals after bidding on the World Cup. This includes the 2020 and 2021 Club World Cups and the 2014 and 2016 Italian Super Cups.

These games will be part of Qatar’s preparations as Qatar is preparing to host the World Cup later this year.

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