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The EU will eventually need to build its own security framework

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has said that in the face of Russian military movements at the gateway to the continent, a new security framework needs to be proposed in the coming weeks.

Macron’s statement was issued during a week of diplomacy over the Ukraine crisis last week after the European Union was not involved in direct negotiations with Moscow. (AFP)

French President Emmanuel Macron said Europeans need to build and arm their own collective security agreements in the face of Russia’s military action at the gateway to the continent.

“Europe will eventually need to build its own collective security framework on our continent,” he told the European Parliament on Wednesday.

“Security on our continent requires strategic re-arming,” he added, adding that “frank and demanding” negotiations with Russia were also needed.

“As Europeans, we need to be in a position to collectively make our own demands and enforce them,” he added.

The European Union was not involved in direct negotiations with Moscow during last week’s diplomatic week in an attempt to ease tensions caused by Russia’s decision to put together tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine. ..

European defense is largely guaranteed by the US-led NATO military alliance, of which most EU member states are members.

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“Europe needs to stand up for these rights”

Macron said he needed to propose a new “security framework” “in the coming weeks” in the days of France, which holds the six-month replacement presidency of the European Council.

“We need to build it among Europeans, share it with NATO allies, and propose for negotiations with Russia,” he told lawmakers.

He said that the core of this framework is the principle agreed with Russia 30 years ago.

These include denying the use of power and coercion, giving the state “choices to join the alliances and groups they desire”, “inviolability of borders”, and “denial of sphere of influence”. It was.

“We in Europe need to uphold these unique rights,” Macron said.

He added that Europe needs to “put itself in a position to ensure that they are respected.”

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