“The European Union needs to do more for its islands” — MEP Josianne Cutajar

The European Union needs to strengthen its commitment with respect to its islands. This was the main message by MEP Dr Josianne Cutajar at this week’s plenary session, and an important week in which a series of environmental laws known as Fit for 55 were also discussed.

“On behalf of the island’s member states, the Fit for 55 package contains the essential ambitions and goals we all want to achieve, but nevertheless pays close attention to the reality facing the island. It must be pointed out that there is no such thing. With the right support, they too can succeed in this transition, ”MEP emphasized.

Therefore, the European Union needs to conclude agreements with its islands and adopt strong strategies, including concrete impact assessments on the impact of proposed proposals and laws on islanders and citizens alike. These were just a few of the points included in the report on islands and cohesion policies that MEP Cutajar negotiated on behalf of socialists. The report is now approved by the plenary, with full support from the Regional Development Commission.

Meanwhile, in connection with the report on the island, Dr. Josian Katajar also had the opportunity to meet and discuss with representatives from various European island regions invited to attend the European Parliament in Strasbourg at this important moment. ..

MEP said that the approval of this report is not only a vote of confidence in her work, but also a testament to the importance of paying special attention to the islands of the Union, and her determination to continue working in this regard. Said that it is a fact that strengthens. “This is the point of social justice with our islands, along with the Maltese, the Gozitans, and other citizens of the European islands,” MEP concluded.

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