The famous Latvian boxer has announced plans to enter the political arena. The people are divided-BalticNewsNetwork

On July 18, Latvian boxer Myris Briedis announced on his Instagram page that he will enter politics and run for harmony party in the next 14th Saeima election in Latvia. Announced.

The boxer commented on his decision to enter politics, stating that this was the most important decision in his life. Regarding the choice of parties to join, Briedis said the party “dedicates efforts to reduce social division.”

«I am confident and recent events show that social division is the biggest problem and even the biggest disaster in Latvia. Our inhabitants are socially and ethnically separated. »»

BNN observed that the boxer’s official announcement of participation in politics sparked various reactions and debates, especially on Twitter.

Some users said they were worried and waiting for boxers to participate in the pre-election debate. Others defend Briedis’ decision to enter politics.

Another Twitter user invited voters to participate in the Saeima elections and prevent boxers from being elected.

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Linkevich pointed out Mairis Briedis’s neutral position on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Meanwhile, Latvian basketball legend Valdis Valters commented on the potential of emerging politicians’ pre-election programs:

As previously reported, Briedis has no clear position on the Russian-Ukrainian war and the crimes that the Russian army has been accused of. He blamed the war, but said he wasn’t on his side. As a result, many Latvian people expressed shock and antipathy towards boxers.

Latvian professional martial arts team TM Fighting has terminated its partnership with Briedis due to his neutral position.

«Myris Briedis has been excluded from the ranks of the TM Fighting Team due to our unacceptable position regarding the invasion of residents in Ukraine. As a patriotic organization, we want to stay away from those who appear to support the Russian invasion. Such people have no place in a team centered on patriotism and loyalty to their own country, “TM Fighting’s Facebook announcement said.

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