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The first of four FPSOs deployed in Petrobras Melo

Guanabara FPSO has arrived at the Melo oil field in the Santos basin off Brazil. Brazilian state-owned oil company Petrobras has notified.

Also known as Melo 1, FPSO will be the first “decisive” oil production system in Melofield, the third largest presalt field after Bugios and Tupi.

MODEC is responsible for FPSO engineering, procurement, construction, mobilization, installation and operation. This includes surface treatment equipment as well as hull and marine systems. MODEC will operate FPSO on-site for 22 years.

The unit will be connected to wells and submarine equipment and final testing will take place within a few months before production begins earlier this year.

FPSO Guanabara was remodeled and integrated at the DSIC Shipyard in Dalian, China. After leaving China, we stopped at the Dry Dock World Dubai (DDWD) Shipyard in Dubai for two months, where test run activities took place.

With the capacity to produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil (bpd) per day and process 12 million cubic meters of gas, FPSO Guanabara is a series of four “decisive” plans to deploy in the Melo oil field. It will be the first of the FPSO. Production is scheduled to begin in 2023. Melo 2 (FPSO Sepetiba), from 2024 Melo 3 (FPSO Marechal Duque de Caxias), and in 2025 Melo 4 (PSO Alexandre Degasman).


The Guanabara FPSO will be installed at a depth of 1,930 meters, more than 150 km from the coast. This is four times as high as the Morrodo Pão de Açúcar (Mount Sugar Loaf).

The FPSO is 172 meters high, equivalent to 4.6 Corcovado Christ the Redeemer statues on Corcovado Mountain in Rio, and is 332 meters long, or three soccer fields. It also has a power generation capacity of 100 megawatts.

Director of Petrobras Exploration and Production, Fernando Borges “The development of the Melo oil field is crucial to maintain an accelerated pace of presalt production. In addition, it focuses on deep-sea assets that combine significant reserves, high productivity, and low oil resilience. Reflecting our strategy of price scenarios. Melo is also integrated with partners and suppliers in addition to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions that extend the technological limits of the global oil industry. I am enshrining the work I did. “

The Libra Consortium, which owns the Mero Field, is run by Petrobras (40%) and has partnered with Shell Brasil (20%), TotalEnergies (20%), CNPC (10%), CNOOC Limited (10%) and Pre-Salt. I am. As its manager. Petroleum SA (PPSA).

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493990-first-of-four-fpsos-deployed-at-petrobras-mero-field The first of four FPSOs deployed in Petrobras Melo

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