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The first Omicron death is seen in Australia due to the surge in Covid cases

Australia yesterday reported the first confirmed death of a new Omicron variant of Covid-19 in the largest outbreak of infection, but authorities impose new restrictions by saying that hospitalization rates remain low. I withheld that.
The death of a man in his 80s in underlying health is a tough mile for a country that had to cancel some of its gradual resumption after almost two years of a stop-start blockade due to a new outbreak. Showed the stone.
Omicron, which appears to be more contagious but less toxic than previous strains, has lifted most national border restrictions, allowing Australians to return abroad without quarantine, according to health experts. Just as the numbers reached the pandemic maximum, they began to spread throughout the country. .. Authorities did not provide additional details about Omicron’s death, except that the man caught the virus in a geriatric care facility and died in a Sydney hospital.
“This was the first known death in New South Wales (state) associated with the Omicron mutant of concern,” NSW Health epidemiologist Christine Selvey said in a video released by the government.
The man was one of the seven Covid-19 deaths reported in Australia the day before.
According to calculations from Reuters state data, the country has recorded 10,186 new cases nationwide, with the first total exceeding 10,000 since the start of the pandemic.
Most new cases occurred in New South Wales and Victoria.
Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Paraschuk said, “The number of cases is increasing, but we have not seen any impact on the hospital system,” reporting 784 new cases in which four people were hospitalized. .. In a report of the 6-hour waiting time for the Covid test for those who want to meet the interstate highway vacation travel requirements, Palaszczuk defended the tourism-friendly state for mandatory testing. .. You need to do a PCR test. “
However, she added, Queensland is considering whether to relax the testing requirements for domestic visitors.
Tasmania, a state popular with other tourists, also said it is considering changing the state’s border testing rules.
Meanwhile, the proliferation of infections across the country has put pressure on test resources.
Sydney’s testing clinic, SydPath, confirmed the day before that it mistakenly told 400 Covid-positive people that it was negative for the days before Christmas. Yesterday I noticed that I sent another 995 people the wrong result message.

Last updated: December 28, 2021 0:12 am

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707008/Australia-sees-first-Omicron-death-as-Covid-cases- The first Omicron death is seen in Australia due to the surge in Covid cases

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