The former “Clujana” shoe factory transforms into Transylvania’s largest creative hub – Romanian Journal

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MushuROI is where Transylvania’s creative industries find a common foundation and the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration to create successful projects. MushuROI is the region’s largest creative hub that combines art, design, photography, video production, digital and architecture.

Launched by Sani Stranszky and co-developed with Adrian Dragoș (founder of the gastronomic concept Da Pino), the concept is to transform the 2200-square-meter industrial heritage space of the former “Clujana” shoe factory into a multifunctional hub. It is a joint effort of.

Vodafone Romania joined the initiative as a bold project partner and supporter with the desire to support young creatives in the local community. Through this association, Vodafone aims to constantly support creative ideas and projects that add value to Romania and to show that they are in sync with the needs and needs of the community.

MushuROI directly contributes to the empowerment of civil society to propose and implement major projects that give the community a say. In addition, MushuROI takes the initiative to generate meetings and events where you can learn and collect as many contacts and resources as possible for your creative community to grow.

Cultural initiatives participating in the MushuROI Hub will also benefit from support for raising European funding and funding between 2021 and 2027 through the Creative Europe Program and Subprogram Culture. Citizens, equality, rights and values; the new European Bauhaus. “

The specific support provided by MushuROI consists of project creation and implementation, partnerships and project opportunities and options. All creative ideas that are put into practice and monetized through the presence of the MushuRoi Creative Hub will help the evolution, development and economic growth of the region and local communities.

MushuROI is a private initiative supported by Vodafone, UniCredit Bank, VISA and Kronospan. The former “Clujana” shoe factory transforms into Transylvania’s largest creative hub – Romanian Journal

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