The former model apologizes for losing Cian McLaughlin’s family after a false report wasted 500 hours of “significant time to save lives.”

The former model broke her silence after admitting to providing false information to Wyoming police during a search for the missing Irish Cian McLaughlin.

Dublin was last seen on June 8th in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The climbing guide reported that he saw someone hiking alone that matched his description.

More than 45 helicopters participated in the search mission and used rescue techniques and infrared cameras to locate the young man.

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Also, about 70 park staff and a team of several dogs were searching for park paths, canyons, and forests for days, but couldn’t track Cian.

Rescue teams claim that 40-year-old Heather Mikoski’s false reports have spent more than 500 hours saving lives in the search for Cyan, and she has broken silence ever since.

In an interview with Fox news digitalShe said: “I actually lied. I submitted a false statement, which was all based on the information I received.”

“I’m very sorry. I apologize, but I lied.

“I hope his family understands that I’m not trying to hurt my search or misunderstand anyone.”

Maikoski claimed to have met Cyan on the day he disappeared and told police that he was heading towards Lake Taggart in Grand Teton National Park.

Former model apologizes to Cian McLaughlin’s family after false reports waste 500 hours of “significant lifesaving time”
(Image: Sargent Shut Photo / JH News)

She said she spoke to him when she saw Mr. McLaughlin, claiming he was planning to jump off his favorite rock at the lake.

Ms. Maikoski was fined $ 17,600 for providing false information and was banned from visiting parks in Wyoming for five years.

According to a National Park Service statement, the search team wasted hundreds of hours following her false lead, wasting valuable life-saving time.

In a statement, a park spokesman said: “As a direct result of Mykoski’s false reports, approximately 532 hours were spent conducting searches, managing search operations, conducting follow-ups, and completing related reports.

“This wasted valuable time that could have focused on searching for a higher probability area, and cost the federal government about $ 17,600.”

The former model said on Tuesday that he had paid a fine and agreed that it was “definitely needed.”

But she said she was surprised that the story was coming out and believed it coincided with the first anniversary of Cyan’s disappearance.

“It’s amazing that this is coming out in the news right now, and I fully owned and apologized for my mistake and admitted that I lied, but I did it with the intention of helping. did.”

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