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The former taboo ketamine boom for home mental care in the United States

Washington: Americans are paying to ship ketamine, the star of the psychedelic movement, to them for home mental health treatments, both groundbreaking and gambling. The pandemic-accelerated relaxation of prescription rules, once a taboo party drug, has helped boost the surge in telemedicine delivery of ketamine, an anesthetic that has become a hot topic for depression. However, long-term, large-scale research on the medical effects of ketamine is limited, and some experts are concerned that an unregulated online boom could lead to accidents and regulatory crackdowns.

“This needs to evolve slowly,” said Boris Heifetz, an assistant professor of anesthesiology at Stanford University. “The risk is not a solution that is a much more integrated approach to mental health, but scaling modifications.” Ketamine has been a hallucinogenic culture drug since the 1970s, so ” It is used in the United States as an anesthetic called “dissecting”. While it is legal to prescribe by US doctors, other psychedelics that are gaining new attention in mental health applications such as LSD and MDMA (also known as ecstasy) have no medical utility and are abused. Is classified as having a high risk of.

In this regard, the number of clinics offering face-to-face intravenous ketamine treatment for depression, anxiety, or chronic pain has increased in recent years, but regulations and practices vary from state to state in the United States. ..

Ketamine “Babysitter”

Later, a pandemic occurred, and US authorities allowed doctors to prescribe drugs such as ketamine, which previously required a direct visit, by doctors. More and more companies are already treating in the clinic and have begun to evaluate clients online and offer to send home remedies to approved candidates.

Nue Life, which was launched about a year ago, is one of them. CEO Juan Pablo Capello estimates that he has served more than 3,000 ketamine patients so far. “If you actually delve into the potential for abuse here, you’ll notice that they exist, of course, but we’re creating standard care to make it very unlikely,” he said. Told AFP. For example, he points out that clients are instructed by adult “babysitters” to monitor the drug experience for about 90 minutes, and those who are simply looking for ketamine can make it cheaper on the street. I inferred that I could.

Clients of this service, which cost $ 1,250 for a package that offers six ketamine experiences, are encouraged, but not obligatory, to combine with treatment. “We will make these treatments actually available to more patients,” he added. Heifetz, a researcher at Stanford University, pointed out that making ketamine more accessible carries risks. This includes the possibility that authorities will tighten access if home care causes any tragedy.

‘change your life’

In 2019, U.S. regulatory authorities approved a type of ketamine specifically for adults with treatment-resistant depression, but there are strict rules such as requiring patients to be monitored by a healthcare provider for at least two hours after administration. .. Americans have “hair triggers to solve problems through proceedings,” Heifetz pointed out the possibility of proceedings if things go wrong. He was part of a team that analyzed the actual efficacy of intravenous ketamine therapy, which may involve higher doses than home-based services, and reported that most patients improved, but about 8% were treated. He later stated that his depressive symptoms had worsened.

“There is little evidence to understand how effective ketamine is for large-scale depression,” he added. But for people like 36-year-old New Yorker Philip Markle who received home care at a company called Mindbloom, ketamine is a very useful tool. In his long struggle with depression, performers and comedians have been trying medicines, psychedelics like LSD, and talk therapy since the age of 12, but found something unique to ketamine.

Ketamine provided a sense of clarity and useful self-acceptance, rather than the short-term sensation of change provided by other therapies, and rather than the significant effects experienced with other psychedelics. “If I could administer medicines by mail and do my own life-changing psychedelics, this would be one,” he told AFP. – AFP

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