The G7 was successful, expecting a price cap by October Draghi-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 28-This week’s G7 summit was a great success as it showed unity and unity in helping Ukraine protect itself from Russia’s invasion, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Tuesday. At a press conference, it will be a deal on Russia’s gas price cap before the October date he extracted last week to view reports on this issue from EU leaders.
“This G7 has been really successful and our country has reaffirmed their perfect and wonderful unity, a great consensus of views, especially on the war and its consequences in Ukraine,” he said.
He said at a press conference at the summit venue in Elam, Germany, the G7 would do whatever it takes to help Kieu fight off the invasion of Moscow.
Mr. Dragi said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres “we are approaching the moment of truth” about Ukraine’s grain crisis and whether Ukraine and Russia want to agree to get grain out of the port. He added that he had confirmed.
“In order to put new crops into grain storage silos, the situation needs to be resolved quickly,” Draghi said.
He said there was no need to dig up Ukrainian ports, but to create a safe corridor for grain transport.
Draghi also said the EU would “accelerate” Italy’s demand to cap Russia’s gas prices.
“All leaders agree that (Russian President Vladimir) not only needs to limit funding to Putin, but also needs to eliminate the cause of inflation. We have a price cap on gas and oil. We have given an urgent order to the Minister on how to apply. It will expedite work on the EU gas price cap, a decision we welcome. “
He said he wants a “result” of the price cap before the EU plans to see a report on it in October.
It’s hard to say that Putin will process Russian gas, “we have to prepare,” the Italian Prime Minister said.
Italy has already reduced Russia’s dependence on gas from 40% to 25% of its total supply through a series of transactions with other countries.
Draghi added that Putin does not personally attend the upcoming G20 meeting, but may intervene remotely.
Draghi said Russia had not invaded Russia as Putin expected due to its western resilience.
“Countries want protection and re-arming. Things aren’t going as Putin wanted.”
“NATO is expanding and becoming stronger,” he said, citing the potential for accession of Sweden and Finland, adding that “the EU is also more united.”
But he said he was “concerned” about the “continuous progress of Russian troops” in eastern Ukraine. (ANSA).

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