The GBPA chair states that the carnival cruise port has minimal environmental impact.

East Grand Bahama’s Carnival Cruise Line Port was built with minimal environmental impact, assured by Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Chairman Sarah St. George.

Former Environment Minister Romauld Ferreira said in March 2021 that “the cruise ship industry is by no means environmentally sustainable” and refused to approve the environmental permits required by cruise companies to proceed with the project. ..

The carnival lamented the “exhausted” process of receiving permission to start building a project just a month ago.

St. George, who told the media following the groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, said he was confident that the project was environmentally sound overall, albeit with some confusion.

“They often say that when you’re about to give up, you’re on the verge of success, but you’ll find that this just worked. And since no one can do this, it’s all. It must be a gathering matrix. It was with a carnival caliber that came to this island for 30-40 years and successfully designed what it wanted to do for our island. It had to be something, “she said.

“So, for years, we kept working on it, working on it, never giving up hope. Then the government started working, imagining that there are many aspects to it. Because one has to be land, which was all GBPA, then there is an entire area from under the highest water mark to all governments, the sea, so two environmental impact studies are needed. Have research on trees, birds, mangroves, and everything that goes into the land and the environment that affects future conservation. And make sure there are no barrier reefs nearby. For all environmental impact assessments at sea, it was necessary to ensure that the site was free of coral barrier reefs to minimize intrusion into the site.

“And some of the coral heads there are carefully removed and rearranged so nothing is lost and everything is state-of-the-art. How to put a ship on a pier A little dredging is needed. It’s an incredible wharf, with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of steel going into that wharf. But there’s a little dredging to make that happen, but all new technologies are 360. Being a rotating propeller minimizes confusion. Think of the site the same way-and we are very closely associated with the carnival and like to lead the carnival. I know-but it’s solar power, there is a recycling plant, there are all kinds of state-of-the-art green and LNG (liquefied natural gas) fuels. “

Cruise Port is expected to bring 1,000 full-time jobs and hundreds of construction jobs on the island, the day after the government announced that it had signed an agreement with the Electra America Hospitality Group to sell Grand Lukayan Resort for $ 100. Announced in 1 million.

Developers plan to inject $ 300 million into property refurbishment and new equipment.

“I don’t think it can be expressed in words. I think we’ve been waiting for a long time, and it’s monumental that we’ll achieve all of this in just one week, which is what makes us move fast. I think it really gives me all the new energy and excitement I believe to be forward. I think it happens from time to time, you are waiting, and you never change things, and sudden changes It feels almost nonexistent, “said St. George.

She continued. “I think it’s terribly exciting for everyone on the island. All of us, it checks every box. Everyone will see work and various activities. It’s just one-dimensional. It’s not a thing, it’s every aspect of tourism. “ The GBPA chair states that the carnival cruise port has minimal environmental impact.

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