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The global spread of Omicron influences the travel plans of the Kuwaiti people

Los Angeles: Travelers will check flight information at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, CA on December 24, 2021. More than 2,000 flights around the world were canceled and thousands were delayed as a highly infectious variant of Omicron interfered with vacation trips. -AFP

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Kuwait: In Kuwait, the number of new coronavirus cases is increasing again, with 150 cases on Saturday and 240 cases on Sunday. Kuwait has returned to near normal and most restrictions have been lifted, but face masks should be worn in closed areas. Kuwait detected the first case of the Omicron variant on December 7, a European traveler arriving in Kuwait from an African country where the variant resides. On December 21, after 12 new cases were discovered, the number increased to 13.

Kuwaiti authorities require all people arriving in Kuwait to self-isolate and follow all other precautions, such as avoiding rallies and wearing face masks, even if they are not infected with the virus. Authorities also urged the public to give a third vaccination (booster) and urged the public to postpone travel plans other than those required.

However, there are some travel plans that could not be canceled, such as couples who planned a trip to Georgia before the Omicron virus was detected. “We had already planned this long before Omicron, and I don’t want this trip to be postponed. I’ve had work-related stress for the past three years and I want to be relaxed and relaxed for a few days, “said Donna Lynn and Jung Jae, who left for Georgia yesterday on a week-long vacation.

“I hope things are okay, and there are no further restrictions on travelers,” Donna Lynn said. The couple planned to travel to France, but Paris imposed further travel restrictions in the past few weeks after the increase in the number of COVID cases. France reports daily records of over 100,000 new cases of coronavirus as President Emmanuel Macron is considering measures to contain the rapidly prevailing variant of Omicron.

Other expatriates who were planning to take annual leave in the next few days changed their minds. “I was planning to take a vacation with my wife and two children next February, but I don’t want to miss a chance because the new variation may not allow me to re-enter Kuwait. I don’t want to lose my job because I have a kid, “Eric told the Kuwait Times.

The Kuwaiti people are aware of the threat of new variants and have taken special personal precautions. “In Kuwait, we have to share our work to help the government protect everyone. If we know something is wrong, the virus will not spread to others. So stay home until you’re fully recovered, “said Bashir, a resident of India. As of Sunday, Kuwait reported 415,151 COVID cases, 2,468 deaths and 411,340 recovery.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/omicrons-worldwide-spread-affects-peoples-travel-plans-in-kuwait/ The global spread of Omicron influences the travel plans of the Kuwaiti people

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